Note to self: Never move to Hillsborough County, Florida

It seems the police department of Hillsborough County, Florida has nothing better to do than to entrap hard-working handymen, and then prosecute them for working without a license.


The residents of Hillsborough County, Florida, can sleep safely tonight following the arrest of 118 people for performing unlicensed contracting work as part of a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office sting known as “Operation House Hunters.”

The sting, according to Patch, saw sheriff’s deputies pose as homeowners seeking handymen on social media to do jobs that required licensure. These unsuspecting handymen would be lured to one of five homes, where undercover deputies filmed them performing or agreeing to perform prohibited tasks like painting or installing recess lighting…

“These 118 con men and women were posing as contractors & preying on innocent homeowners in Hillsborough County, who were just looking to repair or improve their home,” said Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister at a Tuesday press conference. The mug shots of those picked up in the sweeps were displayed behind him on big posters.


The Sheriff’s Office also released a compilation video of some of the handymen caught up in the sting operation, including several who had past criminal convictions, or who had been caught previously performing unlicensed contract work.

There are some interesting comments on Twitter – all of them condemning that police department for the sting operation. I hope somebody in power sees the light, ends this insanity, and releases all of the victims without charges.

Of course, somebody pointed out that “51 of them were people of color. Keep them colored folk oppressed, right?,” to which I replied that the vast majority of them are men. Stop oppressing men!


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2 Responses to Note to self: Never move to Hillsborough County, Florida

  1. Anonymous Fake says:

    Somewhere there is a college that offers classes in painting and its graduates want their prestigious investment to be protected.

    Politicians never attack the schools. Trump already took a massive step in attacking the media, but the schools are still a third rail.

  2. Ethan says:

    I can see your point regarding jobs like painting, sheetrock work, laying tiles etc. But when it comes to electricity or gas and such, I can see the state’s point in wanting to ensure some minimum level of competency.

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