Fury vs. Wilder: Not a racial war

The headline statesSensational Fury crushes Wilder in heavyweight title rematch.” In this boxing match, British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury (AKA “Gypsy Queen”) crushed his American opponent Deontay Wilder.


(photo credit Yahoo Sports)

For the less perceptive among you, I’ll point out that Fury is white, while Wilder is black. We’re not supposed to notice this… Let me rephrase that: WHITE people are not supposed to notice this. Black people definitely do notice.  Based on the photos, it doesn’t look like there were any happy black faces at the conclusion of this fight.

Leading up to this rematch, Wilder was posed a question. From Business Insider:

The combat sports editor for Sporting News and DAZN, Andreas Hale, asked Wilder if he was looking to create a “big moment in black history.”

Hale said: “In the first fight, you went viral … now, this is Black History Month. Are you looking to make a big moment in black history come February 22?”

Wilder’s answer?

They picked the wrong date, the wrong month for this fight to happen. And when I knock the Gypsy Queen out, we gonna have a black history trivia question — spread it all over the world.

In hindsight, Wilder spoke too soon. Perhaps this occurred to him – as he lay sprawled upon the floor.


(photo credit Yahoo Sports)

But Fury had a different take on the question, which wasn’t even posed to him:

I’m not into all this racial thing with a black man versus a white man in Black History Month.

I will refuse to go into any sort of thing about it. We are two human beings, two heavyweights, at the top of our game. This is not a racial war. This is two heavyweight boxers going toe to toe for all the jewels in heavyweight boxing, nothing more, nothing less.

Still, it wouldn’t surprise me if Fury faces criticism back home. Progressives will hold him accountable for not allowing Wilder to win. No, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if winning a boxing match is considered “racism” in Britain these days.


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One Response to Fury vs. Wilder: Not a racial war

  1. Fluechtling.net says:

    Women are repressed. Women want to knock out Tyson Fury and Wilder, but the patriarchy’s glass ceiling does not allow them to fight. As we can see in every single Hollywood movies, women fight as good or better than men.
    International Women’s Day: progress on gender equality remains slow. Thankfully!
    Women must occupy 50% or more of all desirable jobs in this world, decided the United Nations. But islamic sensibilities must be respected.

    Women’s Rights in Review, 25 years after Beijing takes stock of how the landmark gender equality plan, the Beijing Platform for Action, is being implemented and calls for greater parity and justice. [Source: un.org]

    Why is greater parity equal to justice? Because we have equality dogma, that sexes “genders” are equal. And the #PCGagOrder that punishes those who dare mention any flaws and failures of the female “minority” (a minority with over 51% of the population). See our Men’s Rights & Feminism (132)

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