From the mouth of… a liberal

I found this gem on Quora, from a liberal (“liberal hanging by a thread” in his words):

I’ve asked my liberal friends, “Don’t you find it strange that everything you read in the media, every TV show you watch, every movie you watch, every commercial you watch confirms your worldview?” They don’t find it suspicious at all that every corporation magically agrees with them, or worse, that they’re being manipulated to toward a particular worldview. It’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone. But no. These questions go right over their heads. They say, “We’re right. That’s why everyone agrees.” The problem is, not everyone agrees. We have a split government based on the vote of the people.

Speaking of corporations being having a “liberal” worldview, here’s a poster I saw at Discount Tire:

discount tire

It’s their “Diversity Poster.” They do have another poster showing two white men, but those men are Nascar racers. They’re not anonymous representatives of “Diversity.” As you can see, white men are not important for Diversity. It’s black men who are at the top of the Diversity Totem Pole, as we can see from the poster.

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