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We Aspies have a tendency to be direct. Sometimes, we’re too direct for the comfort of others. So we adapt. We try to be subtle, and gently lead people to our way of thinking.

Unfortunately, too many “normies” are conditioned to be oblivious to the obvious. It’s not enough to lead them to the water; we must also pour the water into their mouths. Even then, the very next day, their convictions will have reverted to what they were before, as if nothing had happened.

Getting some people to see the point is a major challenge. They’ll claim you’re making a completely different point. If you’re using reverse psychology, they’ll take you literally. If all else fails, they’ll be offended, and shut down the conversation.

Here’s a dialog I recently had on Quora, in response to this original answer:

I announced to my husband the morning after the 2016 “election” that I wanted “to get the f*ck out of this country”. YES it was due to the POTUS (and ALL the trumpanzees supporting him). We moved the following September to a mountain villa near Valencia Spain.

It isn’t just the POTUS (piece of totally useless shit). It was all of the hatred he exposed in the US. The bigots, homophobes, misogynists, xenophobes, and racists. The willfully ignorant with respect to science and climate change. I knew there were people like that in the US, but I was stunned at the sheer quantity.

I couldn’t get out of the US fast enough and I will never go back. Life here is sane. Healthcare is affordable and amazing. The food is less expensive and much tastier and healthier. Neighbors don’t rant about “those damn X (fill in the blank with the minority or different lifestyle of your choice) destroying everything.” A friend who visited summed it up best. The US now has a “culture of mean”. I have no desire to ever again live in that type of culture.

The above liberal is tired of the racist, xenophobic, Trumpanzies in the US. So where does she flee to? A mountain villa near Valencia, Spain.

It seemed like a fairly white place to me, so I asked her:

I’m sure you moved to an area where Native Spaniards are a minority, so that you can enjoy the Diversity.

It’s a fair question, considering that it’s been the policy of the Democrat Party to reduce American whites to minority status, and Trump campaigned on the promise to slow down this process (at least implicitly). Her response:

Well aren’t you the judgmental — and CLUELESS — moron. I moved to a Spanish village that is 2000 years old. Yes, there are some Brit there. There are also many Spanish, Dutch, Russian, French, German, and Swedish. Maybe you should put your hate back in your pocket where it belongs.

She’s right; what she describes IS diversity, but it’s not Diversity. It wouldn’t pass muster in any US school system, in a residential area or at a large company. If the Rainbow Coalition sues your company for “lack of diversity,” tell them that you’ve got British, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, French etc. – and see how far that gets you. You’d be laughed out of court, and be saddled with a large settlement to pay. My reply:

Can’t help but notice all those ethnicities are white. Do you have a problem with People of Color?

You see? I’m being subtle. I didn’t just blurt out my point, but tried using reverse psychology. Did it work? Not a chance.

Oh. Good. F*cking. Grief. I was asked about other people besides Brits living in my chosen community. I listed who lives there. You want people of color in my village? Then move there. I don’t control who chooses to move where.

It’s shocking, but very likely that in her mind, she’s won the debate. After all, it’s true that she cannot control who moves to her chosen community. I retorted:

Janet Christian: “I’m tired of the trumptards, and the xenophobia in the US… I know! I’ll move to a place that’s almost ALL WHITE to get away from all those RACISTS.” No, you can’t control who chooses to move there, but you CAN control where YOU choose to move – and you chose to move to a place that’s very white. Through your actions, you’ve proved the “Trumptards” right.

If you’re wondering about the conclusion to this debate, here it is:

quora violation

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2 Responses to Another Quora dialog

  1. It’s been said before: wealthy SJWs talk like Nelson Mandela but live like David Duke. For that matter, coloured people who complain about white people choose to live among them, too. When Te Nahisi Coates fled evil white America, he went to . . . France.

  2. 370H55V says:

    If we’re all lucky, she’ll renounce her US citizenship. I am reminded of the words of Charles Lichenstein, a US attache to the UN, back in 1983 regarding the possibility of removing the UN from its New York HQ:

    “[member states should consider] removing themselves and this organization from the soil of the United States. We will put no impediment in your way. The members of the U.S. mission to the United Nations will be down at the dockside waving you a fond farewell as you sail off into the sunset.”

    Ditto for Janet.

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