NBC News: “Black on Asian Crime not a Problem!”

If you perform a Google search for “NBC News white man”, this is what comes up:

NBC white man

If we conduct a similar search, but for “NBC News black man,” this is what comes up:

NBC black man

It’s obvious that, in the eyes of NBC News, black men are victims, while white men are perpetrators.

Through this lens, we can make sense of the following NBC Story:

San Francisco police arrest suspect in filmed attack of Asian man collecting recyclables

The attack on the 68-year-old man was recorded, shared on social media and sparked outrage in the community.
San Francisco police on Thursday arrested a man who they said recorded last week’s attack on an older Asian man and posted it to social media.
Dwayne Grayson, 20, is facing charges including robbery and elder abuse as well as a hate crime enhancement in Saturday’s attack on a 68-year-old man collecting recyclables, police said. He’s also accused of probation violation for a prior robbery conviction…

The video shows a man wearing a dark jacket, black pants and black sneakers threatening and brandishing an object at an Asian man. Bystanders watched the attack and hurled racially charged taunts at the man as well.

“I hate Asians, n—,” one person can be heard yelling in the video.

The victim can be seen crying as onlookers imitate him and laugh and hold phones up to his face as he is visibly distressed.

The victim was struck on the back of the head and complained of pain but had no visible injury, police said.

A photo of the perpetrator appears at the top:


Yes, we can plainly see that the perpetrator is black – and yet the NBC article doesn’t even mention blacks at all until paragraph 13. It mentions Asians several times before that.

When the author, Phil Helsel, does finally mention blacks, this is what he has to say:

Mayor London Breed said at a community gathering Thursday that the video sparked widespread outrage, and not just in the Asian community. She said many black residents also said called for action, according to video from NBC Bay Area.

In other words, even though the perpetrator is clearly black, and onlookers (probably also black) participated in, and encouraged, the attack, Helsel will only mention blacks in order to point out that “many black residents also called for action.” I wonder if any of those conscientious blacks were at the scene as the crime unfolded…

I have no doubt that “many blacks also called for action.” There are lots of good people who are black. But I challenge you to find NBC News pointing out that “there were many whites calling for action” after an incident of white-supremacist violence.

It’s also interesting that this article finds it necessary to point out that the Asian victim “had no visible injury.” Is NBC in the habit of making such statements when it reports on white-on-black assaults?

A free press is supposed to identify societal problems, and bring them to the attention of the wider public. Black-on-Asian violence is a societal problem, but all NBC is capable of doing is downplaying this problem.




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