“Accurate and fair” from Business Insider

When a black man assaulted an Asian man on a New York subway, Business Insider’s headline was:

Shocking video shows a New York City subway rider spraying an Asian man and yelling at him to move

The article features two videos showing the one-sided confrontation. We can all see that the culprit is a black man, and the victim is Asian – yet Business Insider makes no mention of this obvious fact. The perpetrator is described simply as a “subway rider.”

In another Business Insider article, we’re told:

Scientists and journalism organizations have called on the media “to ensure accurate and fair portrayals of Asians and Asian-Americans” and avoid fueling xenophobia during the outbreak.

Apparently, this “accurate and fair” policy does not apply to white people. When reporting on a very similar incident, on an airplane, Business Insider gave us this headline:

People are threatening to boycott Ryanair after the airline failed to remove a white man who shouted racist insults at an elderly black woman on one of its flights

Yes folks, this is “white privilege” at work. When a white man misbehaves, he’s referred to as “a white man,” but when a black man misbehaves, he’s referred to as a “subway rider.” Not very “accurate and fair” if you ask me.

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One Response to “Accurate and fair” from Business Insider

  1. We show you a dozen Newspaper headlines, where white perpetrators‘ race is emphasized strongly.
    The truth is: media strongly emphasize the race of alleged white perpetrators and minority victims.4

    >US media clearly obey the race-aware German PresseKodex12.1: “When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership “5

    The pretense of color blindness in AP Style book, NYT media code and other countries’ media codes 6 is blatantly dishonest and false. Media gag orders do NOT color-blindly repress ALL race information. In reality, the honestly anti-white gag order of the German PresseKodex12.17 applies everywhere. Information about “minority” perps gets scrubbed8 But the race of white perpetrators with “minority” victims is strongly emphasized. Stirring prejudice against Whites by mentioning race of white suspects is all right.

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