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The hypocrisy of Rachel Chang

In a recent article in, Rachel Chang complains about racism against Asians while, at the same time, displaying her own bias against whites. On March 2nd, I went to Costco. News that coronavirus (COVID-19) could hit the U.S. the … Continue reading

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Primitive thinking around the world

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos. Some of them are quite educational. I’ll share two of them with y’all today. The first one is a Vice documentary about an excursion into Congo in search of a rare strain … Continue reading

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Notes on Yemenite Hebrew

You would expect that a person like me would attract more hate, on Quora, for my political views. This is not necessarily so; some of my fellow Jews have attacked me for my default use of Yemenite Hebrew (that is … Continue reading

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Welcoming Nautilus to the fold

If you’re not familiar with the Nautilus science website, here’s some information from Wikipedia: Nautilus is an online and print science magazine that “combines the sciences, culture and philosophy into a single story.”[1] It publishes one “issue” on a selected … Continue reading

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Amazon Whole Foods Docs: Workforce Diversity Helps Prevent Unions

A notification from Richard Spencer led me to this article from Information Liberation: Leaked Amazon Whole Foods Docs: Workforce Diversity Helps Prevent Unions Leaked internal documents from Amazon-owned Whole Foods reveal the company rates their stores using a “diversity index” … Continue reading

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The Old Confederate Flag Canard

Conservatism Inc. strikes again, this time in the guise of Rich Lowry, writing for the National Review. Of course, the proximate cause of the protests this time is the coronavirus lockdowns rather than Obamacare, although the feel of the demonstrations … Continue reading

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“Vulnerable” Latinos hit hard by Corona

With all the hoopla over blacks being disproportionately victimized by the CCPVirus, it was inevitable that Hispanics would also be so affected. Both populations suffer “disproportionately” from almost everything. USA Today reports: SAN FRANCISCO – In a city where 16% … Continue reading

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Rushton’s fall from grace

One difference between seekers-of-truth, and those who do not seek truth, is that seekers-of-truth do not worship flesh and blood. If you claim that Martin Luther King was immoral and dishonest, you will be shouted down, and possibly physically attacked. … Continue reading

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Might is Right or The Survival of the Fittest

At the insistent nudging of my friend Diversity Chronicle, I read the book The Survival of the Fittest, or The Philosophy of Power  by Ragnar Redbeard. Here are some highlights, and my thoughts on them. Pg. 11: It is notorious, … Continue reading

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Who the hell is Tedros?

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