Quartz: Africans are good for UK

Writing for Quartz, Olu Alake mourns the death of African doctors in the UK:

The significance of three African NHS doctors being among first to die in UK’s coronavirus battle

There was a tragic inevitability the ongoing Covid19 pandemic would sooner than later begin to ravage the medical staff of UK’s revered National Health Service (NHS), but there was added poignancy about the identities of the first three frontline doctors who lost their lives.

Dr Adil El Tayar (64) and Dr Amged el-Hawrani (55 years old) are Sudanese, while Dr Alfa Saadu (68) is Nigerian. The three of them had accumulated over 100 years of dedicated service to the NHS: two of them, El Tayar and Saadu had retired but recently voluntarily returned to assist the NHS and the country through the pandemic.

All three African-born doctors were Muslims, a fourth NHS doctor to die, Habib Zaidi, 76, of Pakistani origin was also a Muslim. As much as one might pray, there is a strong likelihood more NHS staff of all types of backgrounds and levels will become infected with the virus, the hope is for few or no more deaths.

In a nutshell, Alake seems to be saying that Africans and Muslims are good for the UK. A quick glance at Alake’s contributions to Quarz shows that he is fixated on blacks and Africans. One would think that such a proud black man, obsessed as he is with Africa and blacks, would actually LIVE in Africa. But no. He lives in London. I don’t know if he’s Muslim, but he clearly admires Islam. On Alake’s Linkedin profile, we find:

Specialities: Strategic management of Projects and Programmes; Social Justice, especially regarding Culture (arts & heritage), Children & Young People…

The Pakistani grooming scandal would be right up his alley, considering it involves “young people” and “social justice.” What does he have to say about this issue? As far as I can tell, he is silent about it. What about black crime in the UK? The Guardian has this to say about it:

Although the majority of black boys in London achieve well in school and thereafter, a few things cannot be denied: black boys in London are massively over-represented in stabbings; black-on-black violence is significantly gang-related; gangs in London are crime-focused; the age of recruitment and grooming of young people for gang activity is dropping to primary school levels. Poverty and deprivation (of life chances and opportunity) can drive boys and young men into violent criminal activity. When male role models for these boys are neighbourhood gang elders (often replacing absent fathers) and a “gangsta” culture prevails, the boys stand little chance of escaping.

Does Alake, or Quartz, even acknowledge the high black (and Muslim) crime-rates in the UK? Perhaps, but I couldn’t find it. Mr. Alake, if you’re reading this, feel free to comment; I don’t claim to be aware of everything you’ve ever written – but surely you’ll agree that violent crime, among blacks, is also “significant.”

3 African doctors died from the CCPVirus (Chinese Communist Party virus). I didn’t know them personally. Let’s assume they were fine, selfless, people who gave their lives to protect others. I’m all for acknowledging their sacrifice. Give credit where credit is due.

But if we’re going to do so based on their racial/religious demographics, then it behooves us to look at the whole picture. Just today, a Sudanese man went on a stabbing spree in Southern France, killing 2 and injuring several others.

Needless to say, the MSN headline does not say “Sudanese man stabs several people.” No, instead, he’s described simply as a “knifeman.”


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