Work Sets You Free

In years past, I’ve seen some hateful signs among leftist counter-protesters here in Portland. Sadly, I can’t find them now, but they were explicitly anti-white and communist. I will include one I’ve posted before:


It wasn’t considered “newsworthy” by any corporate new agency. Many people died, and many were tortured under the Hammer and Sickle. The Hammer and Sickle should be right up there, with the swastika, on the list of “hate-symbols.” The fact that nobody seemed to be bothered by it, and nobody rushed to erase it, makes it even more egregious.

But when one person chose to carry tasteless sign, during an anti-lockdown protest in Chicago, Business Insider considered it newsworthy, and so did Yahoo News (which reposted the Business Insider article), Buzzfeed and (not surprisingly) the Israeli site Haaretz.

Associated Press reports that another, similar, report was actually a hoax:

CLAIM: Pittsburgh protester waves sign stating Nazi slogan “Work Sets You Free.”

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The image has been manipulated. The original photo posted by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on April 20 shows the protester holding a sign stating, “Free small business!” Although Nazi slogans were, in fact, used at a separate protest in Illinois on Friday.

THE FACTS: Several Twitter users posted the altered image along with photos of entrances to Nazi concentration and death camps where iron gates bear the words “Arbeit Macht Frei” or “Work Sets You Free.” One tweet featuring the fabricated image was posted on May 1 and had over 600 retweets.

As for the, apparently, legitimate image from Chicago, we can see how willing some people are to extrapolate from one individual’s poor taste to an entire demographic:


Here’s the widely quoted Twitter comment that accompanies the photo:

Dennis Kosuth, RN @Dennis_Kosuth

This was one of the signs at the “Re-open Illinois” event today. She assured those that she was not a Nazi, and stated, “I have Jewish friends.” Thank you for representing yourself and your “movement” for what it is.

That’s a stretch. I don’t know if the sign-carrier is a neo-Nazi, a left-wing infiltrator, a “differently-abled” mental case or simply ignorant. I do know that some left-wingers pounced on the incident with glee. It’s extremely doubtful that this sign represents the sentiments of most anti-lockdown protesters.

At some point in the future, she’ll be identified, and she’ll probably be unemployed for a while. Since the above “news-outlets” used her image for clicks, and made money from it, perhaps she should get a portion of the proceeds; she can use the money to hire a therapist.

Here’s something to add gaiety to your day:



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