Fake news from Yahoo Sports

Here’s a screenshot from today’s Yahoo News:

yahoo fake news

The top article is about a (black) football signee being arrested for attempted murder. The accompanying photo shows a white player.

The bottom story is about a man (a black man) who shot a cook at Waffle House because, earlier that day, he was required to wear a mask to get service.

Sandwiched in between is a story about white-supremacists and the far-right. Needless to say, there isn’t much substance to that article.

I can’t resist but to quote the middle article:

Simi said white supremacists and members of far-right organizations typically find the government to be “intrusive” and depriving them of liberty and their sovereignty.

“These are long tropes within right-wing extremists that have been around for a long long time,” he said.

Yes, those tropes have been around at least since the American Revolution. Good to know that all freedom-loving people are “far-right.”

Here’s a better look at the football player story:

white football player

Here’s the real Luke Hill:

luke hill

Several people, in the Yahoo comment section, pointed out the deception.

From what I can see, there are three layers of deception in this kind of “news.”

  1. Selecting stories that fit The Narrative whenever possible, and leaving those stories on the main page longer.
  2. Using misleading thumbnails on the main page, so that readers are unaware of the reality, until they click on the actual story, and even then…
  3. Using misleading photos, and language, in the main story, forcing readers to do their own research to uncover the truth – in this case, that Luke Hill is not white. They know that very few readers will take the effort to do so.
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