Followup on the Portland situation

It’s been two days since the initial riots here in Portland. There’s been a curfew from 8 PM to 6 AM, so things have probably calmed down. The broken windows are all boarded up, but there’s more graffiti than ever. The new slogan seems to be “I Can’t Breath,” and artists have been busily working on the boarded up Apple Store:


If any incels are reading this, I suggest y’all appropriate this slogan for yourselves, tweaking it to “I Can’t Breed.” Mark my words, and you heard it here first, there will be a street named after Mr. Floyd in Portland, and probably several other cities. It will intersect with MLK Blvd., and won’t be far from Rosa Parks St.

When I saw that vandals had written “Kill Cops” in a couple of places, I wanted to bring this to the attention of police; this is not simply vandalism, it’s incitement to violence.


When I did encounter some police officers, they told me it’s all over the place, and that it will be taken care of. I made sure to give them words of encouragement; Portlanders are running around yelling all sorts of nasty things about the police. If we can’t express our support for whites, without being lynched, the least we can do is show our support for the police. Most of them are good people. My words were much appreciated, and I encourage my readers to do the same. When you see police officers, walk up to them and give them words of support.

Here are some more photos (the first one is of the courthouse):

Here’s a pretty beetle I found:


Until today, I felt bad for Portland restaurants, to the point of almost patronizing them. After all, they’ve suffered immensely from the shutdown. But it turns out that many Portland area restaurants are donated a portion of their profits to black, and anti-white causes. Here is the restaurant List of Shame:

Kee’s Loaded Kitchen
Red Sauce Pizza
Never Coffee
Fifty Licks
Sugarpine Drive-In
Coava Coffee
Kate’s Ice Cream
Yonder and Mae
Straightaway Cocktails
Heirloom Seedhouse
Gado Gado
Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty
Tusk & Ava Gene’s
Hungry Heart



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  1. Did the restaurants have signs up advertising their donations? Probably Danegeld to head off arson if there’s another round of protests, though they may not realize it themselves.

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  3. TammyFan says:

    The beetle is a golden buprestid (a wood boring beetle native to western North America).

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