Lyft displays its piety

The anti-white rhetoric we’re increasingly seeing reminds me of how priests would inflame their flocks, during medieval times, to massacre the Jews:

What I have found is that since at least the fourth century, Christians have traditionally read the Gospel of John’s version of the trial and death of Jesus during Good Friday services. This gospel persistently uses the phrase “the Jews” to describe those who conspired to kill Jesus.

This language shifted the blame for the death of Jesus in medieval Christianity from Roman authorities to the Jewish people as a whole.

During the medieval Good Friday service, Christians prayed for the “perfidious” – or deceitful – Jews that God might “remove the veil from their hearts so that they would know Jesus Christ.” In another part of the service, a crucifix was placed in front of the congregation so people could venerate the crucified body of Jesus.

During this time, a chant known as “the Reproaches” was sung. In this piece, the voice of God accused the Jewish people of faithlessness in rejecting Jesus as their Messiah and crucifying him instead.

Medieval Christians thus received the message on Good Friday that the Jews who lived in their midst were the enemies of Christians who killed their savior and needed to either convert to Christianity or face divine punishment.

Good Friday and medieval Jews

This language about Jews in the medieval Good Friday liturgy often carried over into physical violence toward local Jewish communities.

It was common for Jewish houses to be attacked with stones. Often these attacks were led by the clergy. David Nirenberg, a scholar of medieval Jewish-Christian relations, argues that this violence reenacted the violence of Jesus’ suffering and death.

Another scholar of this history, Lester Little, argues that the attack on the Jewish community was meant to be a revenge for the death of Jesus and a ritual act that reinforced the boundary between Jews and Christians.

Local clergy who encouraged and participated in the violence against Jews were in violation of the rules of their own church. Church law sought to protect Jews and required them to stay inside on Good Friday. Historically, the western church took responsibility for the safeguarding of Jewish communities because they viewed Jews as preservers of the Old Testament, and thus of the prophecies concerning Jesus. Official positions were, however, often ignored locally as many Christians sought to assert their power over the Jewish community.

Civil authorities protected Jews by setting up armed guards and not permitting Christians under 16 years to throw stones. But this could not always prevent bloodshed and violence.

Yes folks, George Floyd is the new Jesus, and white people are the new Jews.

We’re in a situation where corporations are competing with each other to see who’s the most pious of them all. As the corporate media fans the masses into a frenzy of white-bashing and deification of blacks, corporate decision-makers are led to believe that they must either be proactive, or risk acquiring the label of “racist.” It’s a Bushesque philosophy of “you’re either with us or against us.”

Eager to display its piety, ride-share company Lyft has always been active in “social justice,” having a visible presence at events such as gay pride parades, and working closely with the anti-white hate group the SPLC.

Now they’re donating $500,000 to “civil rights” organizations. This is from a memo Lyft recently sent out:

We want to take a moment to speak candidly about the tragedy that is enveloping our country right now. To our Black community members, we recognize your pain and feelings of fatigue over the injustices you face every day. The color of your skin should not impact how you are treated.

Acts of injustice against Black Americans — including George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Christian Cooper, and countless others — have created an inflection point. This is a call to action for each and every one of us to do better, to speak up, and to be part of the solution.

Systemic racism is deeply rooted in our society, and it’s important that Lyft supports organizations that fight it. As part of our continued commitment to communities of color through LyftUp, our transportation access initiative, we’re providing $500,000 in ride credit to national civil rights organizations who have been working to facilitate essential transportation and equitable access during the recent crises (National Urban League, NAACP, National Action Network, Black Women’s Roundtable and National Bail Fund Network). In Minneapolis specifically, we will be donating LyftUp ride credit to Lake Street Council to facilitate rides to volunteers assisting with rebuilding efforts.

In other words, they’re giving half a million dollars to black-interest groups. Any organization that promotes the interests of white-Americans, in the same way that those organizations promote the interests of black-Americans, would be blacklisted as “racist” and hateful.

Uber is also guilty of marginalizing whites. Based on the graphics on their website and ads, one would think that white males are a tiny, insignificant, segment of America’s population. Typically, if a white male is depicted, he’s old. However, Lyft has imbibed the social-justice cool aid more deeply than Uber.

Hopefully, Uber won’t play this game. For all its flaws, we do need at least one ride-share company. Many people rely on this service, and Uber is already hemorrhaging money.

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