Raynard Jackson: All the gibz belongs to US!

According to Raynard Jackson, in Black Men in America, Democrats are not giving enough to black Americans:

Now let’s juxtapose that with Biden’s plan for the Black community.  His plan for the Black community consists of only 1,274 words and 5 pages.  There is absolutely nothing in this plan that is “specific” to the Black community.

And to continue to prove that he thinks the Black voter is dumb, Biden snuck in a phrase that most people didn’t give much, if any, attention to.  He lumps in with the Black community “people of color.”

Did you catch that?  So, IF massa Biden decides to pass out any goodies to the Black community, they MUST be shared with Africans, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, etc.

In order for Biden to earn the loyalty of the black community, he must make sure that all the gibz go to black Americans. They can’t be shared with other non-whites – much less so with homosexuals:

When you go to Biden’s presidential campaign website, you can clearly see that his priority is not the Black community, but rather the radical liberal homosexual community.

His plan to force the radical liberal homosexual agenda on the American people consists of 8,132 words and 31 pages.

The way things are going, Jackson is likely to get his wish…

… but it won’t last long; pretty soon, Hispanics are going to remember that they have greater numbers – and a populous Hispanic state just to our south that supports them. They’re going to demand the gibz too.Generations later, this is what the history books will say:

  • A black career criminal named George Floyd dies while in police custody.
  • The corporate media says, “Oh goodie! Let’s blow this way out of proportion, so we can get more clicks, advertising… and MONEY!!”
  • Riots ensue all over the US. Police and government (with few exceptions) support the rioters.
  • Companies and corporations, fearing for their property and business, also support the rioters. They donate large sums of money to black causes.
  • The worship of blacks rises to new, unprecedented, levels.
  • Due to their much greater lobbying power, special interests cater to the demands of blacks, granting them ever greater privileges – at the expense of everybody else. If Biden is elected, this will be greatly accelerated.
  • Hispanics, and other non-whites, say, “Wait a minute! Where’s OUR gibs?”
  • The white electorate, still grovelling to blacks, digs deeper into its pockets – but there’s only so much to go around, and inflation is out of control. Despite promises, and new bills, Hispanics are still subordinate to blacks.
  • Riots between blacks and Hispanics break out around the country. The still-largely white police force is unable, and unwilling, to step in. It’s a no-win situation for them.
  • This is the beginning of the break up of the once United States of America.
  • Alternatively, it’s the break up of the Democratic Party – which give the Republicans a new lease on life – which they screw up big time, as usual.
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  1. Beb B. says:

    I enjoyed the interview with black race realist “Jane Doe.” Felt like love in bloom! Also, is the case now “closed” on the “Central Park Five?” I don’t think Ann Coulter’s got that memo yet.

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