“All Lives Matter?”

I’ve always had a problem with the Conservative (Inc.) response to “Black Lives Matter.” Recently, I expressed this concern in a Quora answer:

Those people are right. “All Lives Matter” is a reaction to “Black Lives Matter.”

The latter is a declaration about a specific ethnic group/race: Blacks.

The former is a general declaration about people: All people.

There is a disturbing underlying implication to the phrase “All Lives Matter:” That white people are not worthy of any special recognition. When you have millions of people shouting BLACK LIVES MATTER – and a handful replying ALL LIVES MATTER, what it looks like is a concession that there are only two possibilities: All lives or black lives. What about white lives (assuming it’s whites doing the replying)?

When a people, American whites, refuse to stand up for their own rights and dignity, it looks a lot like defeat. It’s a cuck thing to do. I would say the same thing about other ethnic groups, and I have. But this is about whites, whites who are so ashamed of their own heritage that they can’t bring themselves to even acknowledge their own existence.

That’s racism. WHITE LIVES MATTER!

My answer was collapsed for “violating Quora’s policy.” Apparently, “cuck” and “White Lives Matter” are triggers.

I’ve also been injecting some realism into my local Nextdoor.com forums. Some of my neighbors have been organizing BLM protests, and spouting the usual nonsense. So I interjected “White Lives Matter.” Predictably, the organizer responded by saying that such “racism” is the reason they’re outside protesting. When I replied that the hatred toward white people, whether from the media or on the forum, is unacceptable, and that I won’t stand by silently – it was a (self-identified) black man who agreed with me.

Around here, it takes a Jew and a black to say anything in defense of whites. Keeping Portland weird.

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3 Responses to “All Lives Matter?”

  1. I says:

    During the Black Death, the flagellants were groups of people who wandered from town to town whipping themselves and each other with scourges. They believed that the plague was a punishment from God and that their self-mutilation was a form of atonement.

  2. Bantu Education says:

    Quora is an echo-chamber for far-leftist opinion

    • jewamongyou says:

      For the most part, but they do tolerate a surprising amount of dissident thought. They even have conservative spaces. The fact that I haven’t been completely banned yet says something.

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