A tale of two rants

American Thinker published a vile rant, taken by the perpetrator herself from her car. As you can tell, she’s black. The targets of her vile diatribe were Moroccan immigrants. The profanity-filled rant goes on for some time, and includes a variety of insults to the immigrants and their religion.

Did CNN report it? That was rhetorical; of course not – but CNN did report a rant where the perpetrator was white. Maybe it’s just me, but of the two rants, I think the one from the black woman was both more vile, and more drawn out.

The black-woman rant seems to have taken place before the white-woman rant, and they seem to have been within a few days of each other, so CNN can’t excuse itself by claiming it didn’t know about it yet, especially when we consider CNN’s vast resources.

As a general rule, conservative news outlets allow comments, but leftist news outlets do not. Therefore, we cannot let CNN readers know about the selective “news” they’re being fed; they’ll continue their pitiful existence inside the leftist echo-chamber.

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One Response to A tale of two rants

  1. Good observation! This selection bias is not accidental, nor due to ignorance. This selection is blatantly dishonest, with manipulative intent. It is insincere and deceptive, a part of the millions of small micro-deceptions to brainwash the world.
    It is in total obedience of the fundamental #PCGagOrder that sincerity .net describes in great length: “Never speak negatively of ‘minorities’ in order to avoid ‘prejudice'”. Here, of course, the person that does violate the #PCGagOrder and speaks negatively is the target of the politically correct aggression.
    Showing the swearing black women whose intent to loot a cell phone was frustrated, that video would cause ‘prejudice’ against black female looters and thusly must never be shown.
    Additionally, it includes profanity, one more reason for removal of the video

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