The Independent sets new low in anti-white race-baiting

When The Independent reported on a black man who shoved a 92 year-old white woman to the ground, it described it as: “Sex offender shoves 92-year-old woman to ground in New York.” But when it reported on an arson that occurred during a BLM riot, it described it this way: “Police offer $10k reward to find white woman accused of setting fire to Wendy’s during protests.”

Here are stories The Independent might want to look into:

Victim in brutal beating by five suspects: Last attacker said ‘Black Lives Matter’ when he kicked me in face

SHOCK VIDEO: Black Mob Targets White Kids for Vicious Gang Beatdown in Ocean City, Md.


Customer spit on me at drop off

Viral beating of Macy’s employee

Homeless man “randomly” attacks 73 year old woman

Black man sucker punches 12-year old white boy

White couple and their child brutally attacked by four male blacks

Group of over 100 armed black power militia harass white motorists

Dad and daughter beaten at deli

Woman beaten at airport

White Mother of One Shot to Death for Saying All Lives Matter

About the Uber driver incident, as far as I know, not a single news network reported this; a friend sent me the link – and all we have is the victim’s testimony, but it has the ring of truth. Had it been a black delivery driver spat upon by a white customer, and told “Oh yea. Sorry, we don’t tip black people,” then it would be front page news on all the major networks.

It seems certain that there is now a rash of anti-white violence around the world, except that the Corporate Media refuses to report it. Instead, it picks through events, publishing only the ones that fit its agenda: Black victimhood and white culpability. The result is violence against whites.

Normally, I’m a supporter of freedom of speech, but when that speech is intended to incite violence, there’s a case to be made that it’s crossed the line. It’s gotten to the point where, in my opinion, the main networks need to be shut down, and their decision-makers sued.

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