Which one is the real Dante Edden?

Microsoft News has gotten creative with their efforts to white-wash black crime. When reporting on the murder of Monique Leon, a 28 year-old black woman, this is the photo they used to depict the culprit, Dante Edden:

Dante Edden1

A simple internet search reveals that he actually looks more like this:

dante Edden

Here’s a challenge to any cultural Marxists reading this: Show me a recent news story, featuring a white murder suspect (whose photo is readily available), where a mainstream news network opts to show its readers a pair of handcuffs instead of the actual suspect.

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  1. a) Thanks for one more example where the Main Stream Media faithfully executes their written ethics mandate “Never mention the race of a “minority” suspect”.

    Why is anyone surprised? They obey their written press regulations or laws in their unwritten, a bit exaggerated, interpretations.

    b) please explain why sincerity.net is the only site that clearly recognizes that the root cause is the socially accepted and morally virtuous attitude towards lying to avoid “prejudice” against “minorities”
    c) Colin Flaherty is a professional journalism college teacher. Does he not know media ethics codes? Those who don’t, you can read up at sincerity .net

    I appreciate comments. Is everyone blind or am I crazy? I appreciate honest comments.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Could you post a link to the Sincerity.net article that quotes the actual media playbook policy (with a link) that states this? Preferably from an American source. I couldn’t find it. Thanks.

  2. Specifically here about 5 US stylebooks are listed ………….
    USA: Associated Press. The Associated Press Stylebook 2015

    race Identification by race or ethnicity is pertinent: […]

    —For suspects sought by the police or missing person cases using police or other credible, detailed descriptions. Such descriptions apply for all races. The racial reference should be removed when the individual is apprehended or found. [Associated Press. The Associated Press Stylebook 2015 (p. 225). Basic Books. Kindle Edition.]

    True facts must be removed! Nobody gets shocked, nobody protests, only we at Sincerity.net

    * Note: NYT and AP Stylebook Dishonest! “White Kills Black” is Fit to Print– US media codes (AP Stylebook and NYT) feign color blindness. The truth is: media strongly emphasize the race of alleged white perpetrators and minority victims. >US media clearly obey… …

    * “Somali [quota] Cop Shoots Australian Woman In Minneapolis” is NOT in conformity with the AP stylebook. The US media must give a distorted, insincere picture of the world. The AP stylebook mandates
    The US media regulations, dishonestly, feign to be color blind, which sincerity clearly proves wrong. The German version, and newer versions of hate speech laws and social media community standards also specifically focus on avoidance of “prejudice” against “minorities”, aka anti-white discrimination.

    Journalists, police, school teachers, students, everyone must obey what sincerity calls the #PCGagOrder. A generalized version of media gag orders:
    Never speak negatively of “minorities” to avoid “prejudice” (which tends to be true and accurate)
    It can be shown, in separate chapters, with mathematical logic that
    a) The PC Gag Order is equivalent to the egalitarian dogma or anti-racism taboo: “races are equal but whites are worse” taboo, or the race realism taboo
    b) from one false premise (races are equal, whites are the worst) in a logical system (our world view) everything wrong can be PROVEN
    c) There is a multiplication and exponential multi-level filtering of all that violates the #PCGagOrder. It goes like this:
    1) Girls in Rotherham tend not to report Pakistani crime to police, teachers, social workers
    2) police discourage, ignore such reports
    3) Police rarely passe these issues to media
    4) Media do not pass on such reports
    5) Which makes girls in Rotherham even more scared of reporting
    The entire home page, links, articles, etc. of sincerity should be read, There are also open letters to Peter Brimelow and Colin Flaherty

  3. Note:
    the PresseKodex 12.1 is just the honest German version of US media gag orders, without the false pretense of race blindness

    Shocked about socially accepted lies and repression – “Forbidden to …

    REPORTS ON CRIMES When reporting crimes, it is not permissible to refer to the suspect‘s religious, ethnic or other minority membership […] such references could stir up prejudices against minorities. [GUIDELINE 12.1. by the German Press Council],[obeyed USA, world wide, generalized to Forbidden to mention negative facts about “minorities”, to avoid stirring up prejudices[12] [13]]

    The first time I saw #PresseKodex12.1, I was shocked.

    I was shocked again when it was unveiled that in democratic free countries government shuts up police, teachers, scientists.

    I was shocked that the gag orders are socially acceptable:

    PresseKodex12.1 is not just a German media gag order, it silences everyone, everywhere [22], world wide.

    I am shocked that PresseKodex12.1 gag orders are being imposed on social media, under the guise of “hate speech”. The (initially) free internet was an escape, a haven of free information.

    “Pakistani Muslims raped thousands of white underage girls in Rotherham, Telford,…” is an example of #TrueSpeech, that was repressed for 15 years. Mass child rape1 was the price to pay, in order to avoid prejudice

    The first time I saw #PresseKodex12.1, I was shocked.

    It demands gag orders: true facts about criminals must be omitted.

    To avoid “prejudice” (I.e. negative impression about minorities), the public must be misinformed

    PresseKodex12.1 demands discrimination by religion, ethnicity: to cast a positive light on minority members: It is ok to stir up prejudices against non-minority, aka “deplorables” or German “Köterrasse” (stray dog race [24; 25]).

    PresseKodex12.1, condescendingly, abolishes the foundation of democracy, the “informed citizen”.

    Voters are so immature that true facts must be withheld, lest they become afflicted with prejudice!
    There are additional regulations that further restrict telling truth about criminals:
    Sensational Violence, Human Dignity, Young Persons: True Speech Not Permissible

    I was shocked again when it was unveiled that in democratic free countries government shuts up police, teachers, scientists.
    They have strict gag orders to cover up “minority” crime, sexual assaults, rapes, robberies, intimidation, and mayhem.

    I was shocked that the gag orders are socially acceptable:
    there is no strong opposition, no wide spread protest against this condescending, undemocratic, disenfranchisement of the population? #TrueSpeech and free speech are not permissible.

    Disobedience of PresseKodex12.1 would be world changing. Truth telling would entail a TruthRevolution.
    PresseKodex12.1 is not just a German media gag order, it silences everyone, everywhere [22], world wide.

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