Let’s send our support to Tiffany Riley

I got this email from Jared Taylor, and thought it appropriate to pass it on:

Dear AmRen Supporter,
You may have heard of Tiffany Riley, a high school principal in Windsor, VT, who was recently put on leave after writing a social media post criticizing the “coercive” behavior of Black Lives Matter activists.
Though Miss Riley “firmly believes that black lives matter,” she does not think people should be made to “choose the black race over the human race.” Her district deemed this viewpoint “ignorant and prejudiced.”
This person is now facing a torrent of criticism and probably feels more shamed and alone than at any time in her life. This is a terrible feeling; we are social animals and need the approval of others.
Please send Miss Riley a message of support. You can reach her at triley@wsesu.net.
We ask you to use your own words to convey sympathy and understanding — in temperate, gentle language. Every message she receives will boost her spirits in this very difficult time.
Best regards,


Let’s flood Riley’s inbox with messages of support and encouragement.


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  1. The Mad Jewess says:

    Hi brother. A nice, down to earth, happy Shabbat wishes for you ?❤️

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