“A man” and “a man”

Here’s a screenshot from the Microsoft “News” page today:

a man and a man

In both incidents, the suspect had already been apprehended. The top story is about murder, the suspect having stabbed several people, one of whom died. The bottom story is about attempted arson; nobody died. As you can see, the top story features a photo of a female reporter, while the bottom story features a photo of the actual suspect.

In case you were wondering, here’s a photo of Melvin Banks, the alleged murderer in the top story, which MSN chose to omit:


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3 Responses to “A man” and “a man”

  1. cantgetback15 says:

    Blacks live just as good in prison as they do on the street. In fact prison is even easier for them because they get cooked for and fed for free. Sex, well they just screw each other.

  2. kookooracharabioso says:

    In the 1970’s I lived in New Haven CT. We had had the Black Panthers, the Angela Davis bookstore, Eldridge Cleaver’s “Soul On Ice” (advocating rape of white women as politically correct action) had been made required reading at the state colleges as soon as it was published, white grade school teachers were being stabbed in the classroom simply for being white, and astonishingly, black babies in baby strollers would stare at white people with utter hatred – they had already been carefully taught. So yes people would talk as we are here. All the rapes, robberies, muggings – ALL was being done to whites by blacks. That is when the newspapers decided to no longer list the race of the perpetrators and we were appalled.

    So 50 years of warfare on our soil. 50 years of having to consider them every time one leaves their residence for anything. 50 years of having to protect your abode and your body from their uninvited incursions into your home. (How many women were broken into and raped and tortured by black men? I personally knew of many – never tallied for public consumption. ) 50 years of being lied to and lied about by our media. These young activists scream that they are tired of waiting for justice. Well guess what? We are also tired waiting.

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