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There needs to be a statute of limitations for mustaches

Years ago, I decided to shave off my beard. Being a fun-loving trouble-maker, I decided to leave only the central part of my mustache intact. I wanted to see my son’s reaction when I waltzed out of my room sporting … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street version 2

Directly across from the Multnomah County Courthouse is a park called Chapman Square. This is where the low-lives, riffraff and miscreants hang out during the day. It looks like Occupy Wall Street version 2. I took a walk-through video:

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Are cuffs the new NAM?

A while back I cited an example of how the Corporate Media will avoid showing photos of non-Asian minority (NAM) suspects. Not that they will NEVER show such images, rather they find creative ways to minimize doing so. Theirs is … Continue reading

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BLM monument erected in Portland

I like to check up on things in Portland frequently, and this is what I found today: I have been unable to find anything about this new monument/memorial online. Some time next week, I’ll contact city offices to clarify who … Continue reading

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Mob attack: Not news. Mean words: News

Arizonan linked to a local news story in a comment on Amren. It includes a video, where we see many young blacks viciously attacking a white man and his daughter, sending the man to the hospital: WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, Manhatan — … Continue reading

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Knowledge can disqualify you from jury duty

The recent sexual assault trial, and conviction, of a naval academy midshipman was reported in numerous news outlets. As far as I can tell, none of them include a photo of the (now convicted) perpetrator,  Nixon Keago. The New York … Continue reading

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Portland Mayor booed and hit with tear gas

I’m hesitant to link to Yahoo News, because they just disabled comments on their articles, in order to improve their community experience. That’s code for, “in order to remove a venue for pro-white opinion.” I’ve got a feeling that, even … Continue reading

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More insanity in Portland

I visited downtown Portland again today, and (of course) ran into another protest. This one was directed at the Federal Government. They were demanding that Federal agents be removed from Portland. This is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit. The … Continue reading

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RIP Jessica Doty-Whitaker

On July 5th, Jessica Doty-Whitaker was murdered, by black hoodlums, for saying “all lives matter.” She was a young mother of a 3 year-old boy. As if that’s not bad enough, BLM supporters then taunted her family on Facebook. A … Continue reading

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Say their names

Out of all the thousands of interactions, between black Americans and the police, only a handful end with the black person being killed – and yet, we’re constantly told that those people are martyrs in a larger struggle, that their … Continue reading

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