Bloodsucking parasites

A friend sent me this video; it features Sister Farakhan, and it speaks for itself:

According to the most recent census, there are about 44,000,000 blacks in the US. In contrast, there are only about 6,000,000 Jews in the US, most of whom are cultural Marxists to one extent or another. In other words, most American Jews hold American blacks in very high esteem. Jewish organizations tend to support BLM. Of course, so do Christian organizations, and just about anybody with power in the US. But the above diatribe singles out Jews.

It turns out that we Jews have competition when it comes to bloodsucking. Another friend sent me an article about the State of Washington’s unemployment funds being looted by Nigerian scammers:

BREAKING NEWS …  According to Senator Ann Rivers (18th Legislative District), whose office was briefed today by the Employment Security Department (ESD), the unemployment check fraud case is now approaching $1 billion in lost state funds.

Originally, the suspected fraud loss was $350 million.

“The ESD fraud case is beyond anything originally suspected,” said Rivers. “Nearly $1 billion has been lost to Nigeria and other fraudsters.”…

“The hackers have been waiting for the right moment to attack an underprepared Employment Security Division,” said Rivers. “COVID gave them that opportunity. My office was overwhelmed with calls of people needing help filing unemployment.”

Today, Rivers was notified by ESD that each caucus can help only 20 people per week.

“I was able to get in and help people get the unemployment benefits they deserve, and I was told by ESD I can only help one person a week,” Rivers said. “This is ludricious. Period. That’s like saying to a mother with five children on the Titanic she now must choose her favorite child.”

At least when it comes to the unemployed citizens of Washington State, Nigerian scammers are greater bloodsuckers than Jews. Let’s see Sister Farakhan rant about that.

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