Target promotes black businesses

I’m getting tired of writing about black people; I think back with nostalgia, of the days when the CCP Virus was first and foremost in the news.

It would even be more fun to write about the weather…

Last week it was rainy and cool. This week it’s hot and dry. Scientists are blaming Weather Change.

Alas, the rest of the world is obsessed with black people, and stories keep coming my way. Stories I can’t keep silent about.

Not surprisingly, the ever Afrocentric Target corporation is rolling out a program to make it easier for customers to identify products from black-owned businesses. From Microsoft News:

Target Just Rolled Out a New Badge to Help You Identify Black-Owned or -Founded Brands

Among other beauty retailers, Target is stepping up to support this new spending initiative. Now, it’s easy for shoppers to identify and support Black-owned or -founded businesses at Target, thanks to a special badge that was rolled out this year.

The new badge, which looks like a brown circle with five skin-tone-colored hearts in it, can be seen in the “At a glance” section, next to the clean- and vegan-certified badges on various product pages on Target’s website. In the beauty section specifically, SheaMoistureThe Lip Bar, and Alikay Naturals are just three Black-owned brands that now have the marker on their products. This simple change makes it that much easier for shoppers to discover and support more Black-owned beauty brands.

I’m confused. Aren’t we constantly being told how racist white Americans are? Isn’t this the underlying message of Black Lives Matter?

If white Americans are so racist against blacks, then wouldn’t such identifying badges make matters WORSE?

Like so many other shenanigans of the far-left, it seems they didn’t actually think this one through. Moves such as this one make it all the more obvious that they don’t actually believe their own rhetoric.


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2 Responses to Target promotes black businesses

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    Were I to continue shopping at Target I would probably find this badge incredibly helpful. Helpful, that is, in knowing which brands to avoid. Not that I would normally care about the race of the person who owns the business; I care about a quality product and good value for my money, but I have been pushed entirely too far at this point.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I can see a lot of people reacting this way, even if they have nothing against blacks personally. At this point, refusing to support black businesses can be a way to strike at the Establishment, “The Man” if you will. It’s a way to be a rebel.

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