Mob attack: Not news. Mean words: News

Arizonan linked to a local news story in a comment on Amren. It includes a video, where we see many young blacks viciously attacking a white man and his daughter, sending the man to the hospital:

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, Manhatan — A group beat a man and his daughter in a Washington Heights deli, knocking the dad out, police said Thursday.

The 22-year-old daughter was punched, kicked and struck in the head with beer bottles inside the Amsterdam Avenue store on July 7 around 11:15 p.m., officials said. Video shows an attacker open a fridge and grab a beer bottle during the assault.

Attackers knocked the 41-year-old dad to the ground where he was kicked repeatedly.

The group took a 39-year-old woman’s cell phone when she tried to call police.

Emergency medical services rushed the dad to the hospital for treatment.

We don’t know what provoked the attack, except that there was some kind of dispute. We do know is that a group of blacks physically attacked two whites in a supermarket, and that this happened in Manhattan (or “Manhatan”). This story didn’t seem to make it to the national headlines, appearing only in local news. ABC7 New York did report it, but neglected to mention the fact that the perpetrators are black, while their victims are white.

Microsoft News, which does report national stories it deems “important,” made no mention of this attack – but it did feature a story (taken from Business Insider) about “a white woman blocking a Black delivery driver from entering a building to drop off food.

  • trending video shows a white woman trying to send away a Black man from dropping off a food delivery order.
  • The woman, who says in the video that she lives in the apartment, told Jordan Gipson that “I don’t want you here” and blocked him from entering the door.
  • Gipson told CBS affiliate KCAL that he filmed and shared the video because he “didn’t want to get arrested,” adding that she “was a white woman, and just how things are going now, I didn’t know how it would transpire.”
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video on Instagram shows a white woman trying to block a Black man from dropping off a food order in a Los Angeles apartment, refusing to believe him when he said he was making a delivery for Postmates.

Based on the story, there is no evidence that racism was a factor in this incident – but the term “white woman” appears five times in the article.

We can conclude that if a white person utters mean words to a black person, it’s “national news,” but if a mob of black people physically attacks white people, it’s “local news” at best.

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