It’s okay to be primitive

Near the top of the things that make me angry with the mindless BLM drones that inhabit Portland is that I’ve begun to think of myself as some sort of criminal for embellishing their graffiti.

On numerous occasions, I’ve added pro-white messages to some of the BLM murals, or with chalk on surfaces. Nothing I do is illegal, and since the are is inundated with pro-BLM messages, one would think they’d appreciate some diversity of opinion.

But no. While BLM are free to paint their murals in broad daylight, in full view of everyone, without a fear in the world, any contrary messages must be done by stealth. I was recently spotted, and somebody threw something at me, amid curses. I wasn’t hurt, and I’ll be more careful in the future.  In a way, it wouldn’t be so bad to get injured in such a way; it’s an honor to be injured while defending legitimate convictions. It’s a political Purple Heart.

I resent having to go about this as if I’m engaged in some sort of nefarious illegal enterprise…

… like stamping “It’s OK to be White” on surfaces as opportunity arises. This is why I’ve created my own hand-made rubber stamp:


It’s very crude, and this is what it looks like on paper:


So primitive! As it should be. Yes, the text says “It’s OK to be White,” but it also says something else. It says: This is not backed by any corporation, it doesn’t have government support or subsidies, nor is it supported by any NGOs or billionaires. It’s primal and primitive. It comes from the heart, rather than deep pockets. It speaks to the struggle of the underdog, whose only funding comes from his last paycheck. It symbolizes the persecuted minority’s battle against an opponent whose resources are unlimited. David versus Goliath. It’s indicative of a grassroots uprising against the evil elites, and their mega-corporations, who have infected the ignorant masses with their poison.

It’s also indicative of the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing; the next one will look better.

The advantage of a stamp is that it’s quick, hence reducing the danger of getting caught.

Until such time when my local government violates its social contract, by brazenly supporting BLM, while disallowing any contrary opinions, I’ll be obeying the law; I don’t want to be the first to tag the otherwise pristine neighborhoods around me. If there’s a paper on a tree, post or fence that’s already there, then a little extra ink won’t hurt. In other areas, there are more opportunities.

If we all do our part, through small actions, then hopefully some day, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.


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  1. Jack Burns says:

    Sweet! Just two quick questions: 1) what size it? and 2) how do you ink it on the go? Thanks.

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