3 transgendered people attacked in L.A.

The Ministry of Truth (CNN) has reported that three transgendered people were assaulted and robbed in Los Angeles:

The women were robbed and assaulted in Hollywood Monday, police said. During the incident, one man approached one victim with a metal bar and demanded her shoes and bracelet, the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement. The man later assaulted another victim with a bottle, knocking her to the ground, according to police. Throughout the attack, police said, the man made derogatory remarks about the women being transgender.

“We believe these crimes were motivated by hate because the victims were transgender women and derogatory remarks were made by the suspect about the victims,” Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Justin Eisenberg said…

The incident was partially captured on video by onlookers and shared widely on social media. But the passersby did little to help the women who were under attack, according to police.

“What was particularly callous about these crimes was the actions of the onlookers,” Eisenberg said. “They recorded and appear to celebrate the assaults rather than render aid and assist the victims.”…

“The video of three transgender women of color being physically attacked, chased, robbed and jeered at by a hostile crowd of cisgender men and women has me infuriated,” O’Farrell wrote.

Here’s what bigoted cisgender men look like:

3 trans

If you’re guessing that those are the perpetrators, you’d be right. I’ve got a gut feeling that most of the “hostile crowd” were also “People of Color.”

It would be considered bizarre for an article to describe the perpetrators as a “hostile crowd of cisgender men” when they’re clearly “People of Color,” but to describe the victims as “People of Color” when no photo of them is provided. I did find a photo of the high-profile victim, Eden Estrada:


With that much paint, it’s hard to determine if this person is actually a Person of Color. The Spanish sir-name might help. In any case, it’s clear that the perpetrators are more “People of Color” than this victim.

For the author of this CNN article, Alexandra Meeks, to have included a photo of the black perpetrators, but not the “People of Color” victims, seems highly irregular – especially in light of the statement near the end, The video of three transgender women of color being physically attacked, chased, robbed and jeered at…

There’s a possibility that the victims appear white (when not wearing layers of makeup), and that this is why their photos were not featured. After all, The Ministry of Truth makes it a priority to avoid showing photos of black perpetrators, and white victims, in the same article. Either way, to show the black perpetrators, and then point out that the victims are “People of Color” is Orwellian, even coming from CNN.

For more on black-on-trans violence, click here and here.

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3 Responses to 3 transgendered people attacked in L.A.

  1. Steve in Greensboro says:

    Nice essay, JAY. Well written and accomplishes what used to be called journalism, i.e. communicating something truthful. Typical of your high quality work.

    In Democrat-run cities, trannies get beat up, because civilization does not exist anymore in Democrat-run cities. If one is a trannie and wants to be able to do that, one should move to someplace where civilization still exists. Someplace like a small town in the South.

    The bien-pensants in the MSM tell lies. Anybody who has a three digit IQ and is paying attention knows that what Mary McCarthy said about Lillian Hellman applies to the MSM too: “Every word she writes is a lie including ‘and’ and ‘the’.”

    The bien-pensants of the MSM lie because they are horrified at violence by one of their pet groups against another of their pet groups. This is called cognitive dissonance. Sucks to be them.

  2. countenance says:

    Garden variety black crime.

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