The Dirty Secret: Thoughts on Being a Mischling

I’m always delighted to discover other pro-white Jews, even if they’re only partially Jewish, “Mischlings” if you will.

The Occidental Observer recently featured an article by one such person, a woman named E. Furlong. I’ll include some excerpts:

Although I’ve had no love for Jews for most of my life, I am ashamed of the amount of time it took for me to accept that those who are vocally opposed to Jewish influence have legitimate grievances. I had always found myself at odds with social and political phenomena that can ultimately be traced back to that influence, but I had never really understood where they came from. My objections to pornography, sex trafficking, and the hypersexualization of women and children in advertising and entertainment were wrongly directed against men in general. My awareness of grave injustices and smokescreens such as 9/11 laid blame at the feet of an entirely faceless global enemy.

It also took longer than I might have hoped to recognize that what I love about humanity — my sense of beauty and aesthetics, musical preferences, values, appreciation for Western architecture, respect for animals, dress, culture, history, literature — the poetry of life — must ultimately all be credited to Europe and her peoples. I now understand that the corruption and subversion of those things close to my heart has largely been the result of external influence and values that are not only foreign but largely antithetical to those of the European tradition.

Slowly, I learned that the enemy is not faceless.

I had believed that people largely hated Jews for their ability to preserve tradition for many thousands of years and for their strong group identity. It took someone explaining to me very politely how others see plainly anti-social Jewish behaviors and in-group preference for me to really understand the animosity some hold against Jews.

But the Jewish question for me is more nuanced than it would be for most people. Growing up in a heavily-Jewish community, most of my friends and teachers were secular Jews. However, I was always aware on a fundamental level that I did not really belong in their world, and rejected it fully by the time I was 12.

I knew I was only half Jewish — a “Mischling.” I knew this because it was obvious that my mother was Jewish and my father was not…

What prompted me to write this piece was an exchange I had with someone I met through NatConnect. When I mentioned I was half Jewish, I received a response that was almost hysterical, criticizing me for “announcing” that I was Jewish (would they prefer I kept it a secret?) and demanding I disavow White genocide, which I did without reservation. But that wasn’t enough. When I told this person that, while I feel it is important to be honest about my background and that I ultimately consider myself White, I was given an exhaustive list of news articles about how Ashkenazim say they aren’t White and how their DNA is unique, et cetera, et cetera. But that’s a topic for another day.

I do strongly disavow what has been done by Jews and in the name of Jews. That said, I don’t believe in collective guilt. I don’t believe that lay Jews are responsible for the actions of elite Jews any more than I believe that White people are responsible on the whole for “racism” or “colonialism,” although it is more than fair to identify certain phenomenon as having Jewish origins or being Jewish in nature.

I know from my own experience that run-of-the-mill Jews believe all the same lies as everyone else, but view them from a different perspective. Although there are very disturbing patterns indeed, there does not seem to be, for most people from my experience, an articulated conspiracy that is shared by your average Jew. You will have to trust me when I say that most of the elite Jews who are orchestrating subversion are not the same ones studying the Talmud.

It’s not a very long article, and you should read the entire thing at the source. I’ll share a few thoughts of my own regarding Miss Furlong’s situation.

Firstly, if her mother had such a strong sense of Jewish identity, then why did she marry a gentile? Intermarriage is the greatest threat to the Jewish People today, so those who truly treasure their own Jewish identity should refrain from contributing to our destruction; they should make sure to marry other Jews. In no way am I being critical of the author here; she’s justified in identifying herself any way she pleases.

Secondly, the Jew-hating neo-Nazis are similar to white-hating far-leftists; both groups believe in some sort of “Original Sin” that we inherit by virtue of our ethnic group or tribe. Both condemn others based merely upon ancestry, or even partial ancestry. In the eyes of these neo-Nazis, Jews will always be suspect, regardless of how valiantly we fight for the rights of whites. Our actions and words will always be scrutinized for any flaws, real or imagined. Far-left white-haters view whites the same way. In their eyes, whites can never rid themselves of racism, real or imagined. Even the the most trivial misstep is interpreted as a “micro-aggression” or worse.

I hold the far-leftists in lower esteem than the neo-Nazis because I believe it’s more shameful to scorn your own people. At least the neo-Nazis have some self-respect; they don’t hate themselves – unless they discover Jewish ancestry in their own past.

Thirdly, in a perfect world, each of us would support just causes, and fight for justice, whether or not we gain acceptance within a community. Since I’m older, this approach is easier for me, and I wouldn’t condemn anybody for seeking acceptance from others.

No two of us are exactly the same, and if we try to hold our friends to the same standards we hold for ourselves, it will not end well. Sigh… it’s time for a story:

In the early days of this blog – nay, even before I started it, I had a dear friend. He and I held very similar views on politics and race. We had many long conversations about libertarianism, culture, language, race etc. It was a very fruitful friendship, though he was a bit more of a hardliner than I ever was.

He was such a hardliner that when he discovered that I had a friend who was a bus driver, he announced that he could no longer be my friend. Why? Because, as a libertarian, he considered it hypocritical to have friends who work for a city government. He also strongly disagreed with my stance on racial intermarriage. My friend was a purist.

We parted ways, and I felt bad for him. I knew that if he were to hold people to such high standards, his life would be lonely indeed. I hope he found happiness in the end.

Yes, I’m older and less needy that most younger people – but even I seek out some sort of companionship. Witness my recent escapades with the cuckservative crowd. In reality, companionship is not at the top of the list of reasons I participate in the pro-police rallies, but it’s still on the list.

In short, I don’t blame Miss Furlong for trying to fit in among the anti-Jewish Alt-Right crowd. I’ll conclude with another quote from her excellent article:

Despite identifying strongly with Europe and her peoples, I understand that I will never be fully accepted by some of those most like me ideologically or politically based on circumstances outside of my control. It doesn’t seem to resonate that mischling, having been differentiated from full-blooded Jews (who were assumed by the Third Reich to be Communists), fought and died in the Wehrmacht or worked for Adolf Hitler himself — any taint of Jewish heritage is not to be tolerated by a large segment of the far right.

And I am not asking for tolerance. I am not asking for an exception to be made especially for me. I am asking for nuance and sophistication of thought that allows for an individual of any racial or ethnic group not to be assigned the weight of the actions of other members of said group, while respecting obvious patterns and taking proper precautions.


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