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The Presidential Debate

After watching most of the Trump-Biden debate on Fox YouTube, it seems to me that I might as well have watched Idiocracy again. Both Trump and Biden came across as morons. Trump was painful to watch, because he didn’t seem … Continue reading

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CNN: Reporting hate where there is none

In anticipation of a Proud Boys rally in Portland, Oregon governor Kate Brown issued an emergency executive order, and deputized 50 officers to keep the peace. From Newsweek: About 50 Portland, Oregon, police officers will be deputized as federal marshals … Continue reading

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister condemns “Islamophobia”

In 2015 Muslims murdered 12 journalists in France: Fourteen people are on trial in France over the deadly attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in 2015.Most of the alleged accomplices are in court in Paris, but three are being … Continue reading

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“Defund the Police” assignments being given in grade school

I just found this on Quora and had to share it with y’all: What made you feel disgusted today? So I was busy studying for my exam in SDSU, when I got a message from one of my martial art … Continue reading

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Two more white women “use blackness”

We can add a couple more names to the list of white women who have used black privilege to their advantage. From The Indy Star: Satchuel Cole, leader in the fight for racial equality in Indianapolis, lied about own race … Continue reading

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Diversity reaches small-town America

According to MSN News: Police in northeast Ohio are searching for a gunman who walked into a home in the middle of the night and opened fire, killing a 4-year-old child and wounding four adults, authorities said. The boy was … Continue reading

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Back to normal after the smoke

Thankfully, the smoke has finally cleared from our skies; it’s so nice to be able to breath again. Oxygen is important for bloggers. We need it in our brains to write effectively. Now that things are back to “normal,” I … Continue reading

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Smoke covers Northwest; People of Color suffer most

The view in my area is apocalyptic. A couple of days ago, when the smoke first rolled in, one could still see the Sun. It was possible to stare at it directly, with no harm to one’s eyes: Today, the … Continue reading

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Weaponized Covid

I hope you’re not getting bored with my accounts of Back The Blue rallies; they’re fun, interesting and allow me to meet new people… … like the hysterical woman who almost ran us over, and then coughed in my direction … Continue reading

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The fire-walkers of Portland

Say what you will about the Portland rioters, but they sure know how to dance: Graphic: #Antifa rioters throw a Molotov cocktail in direction of police in SE Portland. It lands next to people, setting one on fire. Video by … Continue reading

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