An infestation of Africanized Antifa

Back in June, The Washington Post ran a story that claimed to debunk President Trump’s claims that Antifa takes an active role in the BLM violence we’ve been experiencing lately. The article, instead, points the finger at “right-wing extremists.” This shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering the fact that the Corporate Media is, essentially, the propaganda arm of the Antifa movement.

An innocent man was recently executed on a Portland street. Patriot Prayer, a moderate conservative group, now has a martyr in Aaron “Jay” Danielson. May he rest in peace.

The murderer, Michael Forest Reinoehl, described himself as “100% ANTIFA.” Many thanks to Federal agents for turning Reinoehl into a martyr too – a martyr for Communism.

It would appear that Reinoehl did not act alone. A video, captured by one of the (alleged) conspirators seems to show that this was a group effort. It’s noteworthy that the OregonLive version of this video cropped out everything until just before the actual shooting. Let’s hope that these other conspirators are brought to justice. Many of us believe that the timing of this execution, which occurred soon after the Kenosha shootings, is no coincidence. If this is the case, then it confirms what many of us already suspected: There is some solidarity between the “peaceful protestors” and the rioters. There can be little doubt that many of them are the same people.

Some claims have been made that Antifa and BLM are two completely different groups. Personally, I think there’s a lot of overlap, as Michael Reinoehl illustrates. I believe that BLM has energized Antifa – much in the same way that African bees energized American bees:

The African honeybee is one of these subspecies, native to most of the central and southern parts of Africa. Its sting is no more dangerous than other bees, but its behavior is unusual: It is much more aggressive than other bees, with a tendency to pursue and send many attackers after any perceived threat. It’s also much less desirable as a commercial honeybee, producing less honey and with a weird apathy about leaving the hive behind; during a threat, swarms will just fly away and abandon their hives in pursuit of any perceived aggression…

Seeking to combine the African honeybee’s prolific breeding and warm-weather adaptations with the European honeybee’s production of honey, Brazilian scientist Warwick Kerr cross-bred the African bee with an Italian variety of the European honeybee in the 1950s. Apparently he succeeded – these bees, in the right climate, do outperform non-hybrid bees in honey production – but one of Kerr’s assistants made history by accidentally releasing these hybridized bees into the wilderness.

The bees, which would later become known as Africanized bees, proved wildly invasive and aggressive, cross-breeding themselves with any bee colony they came across as they spread throughout the Americas. They first made their way into the United States in 1985, in Texas, and have now been reported as far afield as TennesseeUtah, and northern California.

In other words, Africanized bees are more R-selected (produce more offspring, but care for them less), are keen on mating with non-African breeds, and are more aggressive.

America has been in the process of becoming Africanized for a while now. It was only a matter of time before Antifa merged into Afrocentric ideologies. Much about Africa revolves around anger. Anger translates into violence.

Antifa and BLM. A match made in Hell.

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