Weaponized Covid

I hope you’re not getting bored with my accounts of Back The Blue rallies; they’re fun, interesting and allow me to meet new people…

… like the hysterical woman who almost ran us over, and then coughed in my direction furiously.

I was holding the same sign I’d used the previous day, and as the woman turned the corner, and saw us, she focused on me and my sign. I guess she didn’t like it – because she suddenly swerved in our direction, opened her window, and coughed aggressively at me. It’s bizarre witnessing a grown woman behaving in such a manner. Luckily, I had my sign and face mask to protect me from her germs.

On a more positive note, two or three leftists had approached me earlier, and we had some very pleasant conversation. There is some common ground; I do happen to believe that there’s room for improvement with the police, that they can use better training and incentives to get rid of the bad apples. They agreed that it’s unacceptable to write “kill cops” as graffiti.

I’ve also decided to invest in a body camera; next time somebody assaults us, I hope to get in on camera. Oh, and I almost forgot. Here are some counter-protesters we encountered:

counter protesters

And a car that appeared to have been damaged from the previous night’s festivities:

smashed car

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4 Responses to Weaponized Covid

  1. Steve in Greensboro says:

    Thank you for the black dot. What is it with pantifa males that they walk around naked in public? Is this supposed to be transgressive in some way? And could we establish some standards for personal appearance before appearing naked? Or are standards fascist? I suppose they are. If not wanting to see flabby morons naked in public is fascist, call me Il Duce.

  2. 370H55V says:

    That car has a New York plate? In Portland?

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