Back to normal after the smoke

Thankfully, the smoke has finally cleared from our skies; it’s so nice to be able to breath again. Oxygen is important for bloggers. We need it in our brains to write effectively.

Now that things are back to “normal,” I ventured downtown to participate in a Back the Blue rally. My new bodycam works fine, but nothing exciting happened that I can share.

I did notice this piece of graffiti on a nearby wall though:

Now why would anybody want to kill Trump? I can’t figure it out…

Maybe it’s because, now that election time is quickly approaching, he’s (finally) addressing some serious issues, such as:

  1. He’s ended Federal support for “Critical Race Theory” indoctrination
  2. He’s facilitated a peace deal between Israel and United Arab Emirates
  3. He’s facilitated a peace deal between Israel and Bahrain.
  4. He’s pushed through an additional aid package for unemployed Americans

… and now he’s vowed to install a new Supreme Court justice to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Though it might seem inappropriate to do this so soon after her death, the future of our republic (or what’s left of it) is more important – and it’s not like the Democratic Party wouldn’t have done the same thing.

I’m still waiting for the wall.

Living in Oregon, it’s fairly certain that my vote won’t count. But I plan on voting anyway. Perhaps, if enough of us do this, Trump will carry Oregon. This would bring me much joy, even though healthcare costs would rise due to the uptick in ruptured blood vessels.

After the rally, we walked a few blocks to the site where Aaron J. Danielson (a conservative activist) was murdered late last month. I hadn’t realized it had been decorated in his honor:

I’m told that every couple of days, the decorations need to be replaced. My Christian colleagues held a prayer.

After that, we headed to a nearby family-owned restaurant for some lunch – and a fine lady paid for all of us – thus disproving the old adage TANSTAAFL (There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch).

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