“Defund the Police” assignments being given in grade school

I just found this on Quora and had to share it with y’all:

What made you feel disgusted today?

So I was busy studying for my exam in SDSU, when I got a message from one of my martial art classmates.

She is in 7th grade, and I dare say she’s my friend because we talk alot and i usualy help her. But anyway, she messaged me saying that she needed my help.

I said, sure. Tell me what do you need help on. I thought it would be like math or something.

She said she needed help…. because she needed to take a defund the police quiz.

When I read this, I was like

I was thinking she wasnt serious. How ridiculous can this be?

I actually thought she was joking. Then, she sent me these pictures.

Now, I may have gotten political, but I would never. EVER. try to force politics into a learning environment or on my friends or family.

What didnt disgust me was that the teacher sent the defund the police quiz. What disgusted me was that the teacher tried forcing politics, when the students are 7th graders.

Seventh graders should not be learning about politics. They should be enjoying their childhoods. They shouldnt be forced to learn politics.

When I was a seventh grader, I was busy playing with my cousins and reading spider man comics.

The problem with politics is that its ALWAYS going to be divisive. I literally got into politics during the summer, and I REGRETTED it. I wish I was ignorant and did not know about politics. Even though I am more informed about what goes on, I wished I did not get more political (which is ironic, considering I am writing a political answer)…

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