The Presidential Debate

After watching most of the Trump-Biden debate on Fox YouTube, it seems to me that I might as well have watched Idiocracy again. Both Trump and Biden came across as morons.

Trump was painful to watch, because he didn’t seem capable of allowing his opponent to speak without interruption. I really think that the moderator should have a “Mute” button, which he can use when somebody continues to speak out of turn.

Biden was painful to watch, especially when he was talking about healthcare, because it’s obvious that he was lying. I kept having flashbacks of Obama saying, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” We all saw how that turned out.

The moderator was painful to watch because he presented, as articles of faith, that a) there’s systematic racism against blacks, b) whites have no right to promote their own ethnic interests, and c) human activities are a major contributor to climate-change.

As an example of “white-supremacy,” the moderator cited Proud Boys. The ignorance is astounding.

Biden kept asking if he could get his _______ seconds back. I want to know if I can have my hour and a half back – because it was a waste of time, and psychologically torturous to watch.

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  1. “I might as well have watched Idiocracy again. Both Trump and Biden came across as morons.”
    I thought of that film too.

    Trump: You talk like a fag and you’re shit’s all retarded.
    Biden: Go away, ‘baiting!
    Trump: My health care plan’s got electrolytes.
    Biden: I like money.

  2. 370H55V says:

    I was reminded of a scene in the 90s sitcom “Murphy Brown” in which Murphy is mediating a labor dispute between irascible union and management reps. After finally getting them to stop shouting at each other she say “Calm down, boys. You can pull down your pants, we’ll get a ruler and settle this once and for all.”

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