Antifa hysteria in Portland

After our Back the Blue rally today, which was uneventful, a few Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer guys led us to the spot where Aaron Danielson was murdered in September. One of the men (Chandler Pappas) was a personal friend of Danielson, and wanted to hold a memorial service/public protest against Oregon prosecutors.

Here’s part of the speech (turn up the volume on the first one):

Shortly after that, Antifa showed up (start at about 3:27 to see the assaults):

I wasn’t able to capture some of their most outrageous conduct. For example, one of the Antifa, encouraged by the others, actually climbed the tree, removed the flags etc. placed there in memory of Danielson, and burned the flag on the street.

At that point, Chandler became very upset, and chased after the culprit. It’s hard to blame him; Danielson and Chandler were together that fateful night, and Chandler was right there when his friend was murdered. What kind of “person” tears down a memorial to a murdered man, and burns it on the street in front of the surviving friend? After this happened, there was a commotion, as they all disappeared, running, down the street. I was worried about Chandler.

A few minutes later, he returned. He had been pepper-sprayed in the face and was in pain. We sheltered him from the mob and some of his buddies tended to him. Somebody called the police at that point. A couple of us were using US flags to provide some privacy, and one Antifa kept trying to set my flag on fire. He kept moving his lighter up to the flag, and I kept moving it away. He seemed to think it was some kind of game.

Is setting fire to a flag someone is holding considered “assault?” I’m not a lawyer, and so many legal questions come up in such situations. Unfortunately, this means our hands are tied as far as defending ourselves; no matter what we do, it will be scrutinized later by the courts; every excuse will be made to prosecute us.

There were a couple of times when Antifa barked at me, and tried to get a response from me. I refused to respond, or acknowledge them in any way. Also, I was able to walk past them a few times, and nobody assaulted me, though they did hurl unkind words at me.

When the police showed up, they remained about a block away. I showed them the first video, and helped file an assault report. I don’t think anything will come of it, and when I pointed the culprit out, to the police later, I was told that they are not making any arrests. After a few minutes, the police left, with us on one side of the street, and Antifa on the other – as Antifa tried to intimidate us and throw things at us. One hysterical man came at one of the Proud Boys trying to start a fight.

While the police were still there, and Antifa was opposite us, I unfurled my “Antifa Loves Cops” sign, and my new “C’mon Man! Back the Blue” sign. The howls from Antifa were priceless – along with smiles from the police.

Each time one of Antifa tried to start a fight, others would eventually come over and try to pull him away – so not all of them were interested in violence. Certainly, none of us were.

In such confrontations, what sometimes happens is that neither side is willing to leave the scene; to do so would look like a retreat and weakness, so it can go on for hours. But I had other things to do, so I left to go about my day. I hope it ended with nobody seriously hurt.

I asked a Proud Boy member what he thought of Trump’s condemnation of his organization. He replied that “it’s just politics, and the fact that Proud Boys was brought up in the debate helped them greatly.” New memberships have picked up immensely. It reminded me of what happened when Hillary Clinton gave the Alt-Right free publicity.

Edit: One of our people was viciously attacked as he got into his car after the rally. From his Facebook post:

… As some of you know I was hit in the head with a bat getting into my car. Had to go to the hospital and get stitches… Not going to lie it hurts bad…

I would give my life for any one of you. It never crosses my mind that I could possibly lose mine for no reason. I show up not only to support our officers and their families but also try to protect them and their families and other supporters.

See all my life I’ve hated bullies. Antifa are just that… Bullies… They have no morals. No back bone. They target peaceful people, mostly women, children and older people. It’s a coward’s way of life.

I’m not going to stop coming out. I’ll admit though from now on I will be coming out with my carry permit and armed. I will never again be a victim.

Things are getting more violent and when you go out, go with other people. Me and my wife were alone when I was attacked… (edited a little for typos by JAY).

Edit #2: I don’t remember this, so it must have occurred after I left. The woman is part of our Back the Blue group:

Edit #3: It’s been a couple of days, and it has now become apparent that the corporate media has entirely ignored this event – despite the fact that several members of the press were present, and they DID report on the riots that night.

That night’s riots were, based on reports, exactly the same as all the other Portland riots over the past 100 days or so. There was nothing newsworthy about the night’s riots; our daytime confrontation was more newsworthy.

I can only conclude that the reporters were specifically looking for some footage that would portray the right-wingers in a bad light – but all the footage showed Antifa in a bad light, so they couldn’t use it. Hence, this is an example of media bias and propaganda by omission.

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  1. Be careful out there. Remember, if you have to defend yourself in some way, your jury will consist of Portlanders.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks for your concern. It’s a tough situation here in Portland. Nobody will support us except each other, and if we do defend ourselves, that’s when government descends upon us like a pack of wolves. The only way to stay relatively safe is to relinquish our First Amendment rights entirely, but we’re not willing to do that.

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