What Shall we do in the Future?

Lately, I’ve been contemplating the future, what it holds for us and how we should adapt. Since I’ve got a pessimistic streak, let us assume that Joe Biden wins the presidential election, and that Portland’s mayoral election is won by Sarah Iannarone, who is self-described Antifa.

As y’all know, I’ve been active in the local “Back the Blue” movement. I’ll briefly reiterate my reasons for doing so:

  1. I have a low tolerance for the demonization of any natural/neutral demographic. Seeing graffiti that says “Kill Cops” and “ACAB” (All Cops are Bastards) was enough to motivate me to push back.
  2. I wanted the social interaction, and the opportunity to make new friends with people who are reasonably close to my own politics.
  3. I felt it necessary to provide public opposition to the BLM cult that has gripped much of the country; I oppose mass hysteria and group-think.
  4. I enjoy pissing off libtards.
  5. It’s a step in the right direction as far as white-advocacy, implicit as it is.

My actual support for the police is luke-warm. Sure, most of them seem to be nice people, and my interactions with them have been mostly positive. But, by nature, they are tools of the government – and I don’t particularly like the government. The police are charged with enforcing the law, and many laws are unjust.

If Iannarone becomes mayor, it’s likely that councilwoman Jo Ann Hardesty will be Portland’s police commissioner. In that case, the police will end up as enforcers of “social justice,” In other words, they’ll be the governmental arm of Antifa.

Should we continue to “Back the Blue” then? Many Back the Blue activists are family members of police officers. They’ll probably continue their activism. As for the rest of us, probably not.

We will lack any support, or protection, from local government. With Biden as president, our “thin blue line” at the Federal level will also be gone. If we’re lucky, the Supreme Court might still recognize our rights – for a while.

Supporting the police, at least for me, is not an end in itself; it’s more of an expression of an overall philosophy: Support of law and order and the natural order of things. “Conservatism” if you will. When that cause becomes untenable, other outlets must be sought.

The group I associate with is largely Christian. If they were to become alienated from the police, many of them will protest abortion clinics. Some might gravitate to pro-Second-Amendment activism.

In the Portland area, it seems to me that we’ll be forced to go underground, spreading our message through graffiti in the wee hours of the night, or on the sly when nobody is looking.

On the “Back the Blue” Facebook page, some are expressing the sentiment that we’ve already lost the war in Portland, that we should accept defeat and take our rallies to more friendly, outlying, areas.

The problem with this attitude can be summed up by a piece of graffiti, which happens to be scrawled across the street from the site where Aaron Danielson was murdered. It quotes MLK:

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

Our enemies perceive our very existence as “injustice.” As long as we exist anywhere, they will follow us. Fleeing to other areas is a losing proposition. It doesn’t work for whites, and it doesn’t work for rights. We should continue the battle in Portland in such a way that we’re not beaten or killed, and continue elsewhere publicly. When I feel I’m too old to fight anymore, at that point I’ll consider moving elsewhere.

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  1. As I said, I have a post on this topic on Thursday.
    You’re in pretty much the worst place a man could be. I reckon you should get Israeli citizenship if you don’t already have it.
    I wish I had an Israel.

  2. AsheDina says:

    America is fast becoming very dangerous

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