Sons of Liberty join us for Back the Blue

Yesterday was a chilly, overcast and rainy day, so I didn’t expect much of a turnout at our Back the Blue rally.

It soon became apparent that I was wrong; I would estimate that there were around 100 people there. What a pleasant surprise! It was explained to me that the City of Portland had just removed the primitive elk statue that had temporarily replaced the historic one.

Here you can see the original Elk on the right, and its replacement on the left:

courtesy of

This was after BLM rioters had burned the original one at least twice, and turned the site into a makeshift BLM shrine – since it stands directly across from the Justice Center, which BLM rioters had been attacking nightly.

In short, it had become just another BLM eyesore in the heart of Portland. Now that we had the numbers, the morale, and the ability to defend ourselves, some of our Sons of Liberty guests took it upon themselves to bring a pickup truck, and haul away all the BLM garbage:

Of course, I helped out. This is the result:

One of the ladies in our group also took it upon herself to fix some ACAB graffiti that had been bothering us:

Afterwards, some of us marched to the site where Aaron Danielson was murdered. The plan was to simply stand there, hold flags and place a new small flag on his memorial tree. Of course, Antifa showed up to start trouble. It was our original intent to remain there for only about an hour, so after a while, we made an ordered departure. One of the Antifa had sprayed some pepper spray in our direction at one point; none of us wanted a showdown such as we had last week.

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