The Left Cannibalizes Leftist Institutions

According to Mediagov, “Institutional Racism” is pervasive in America, where white-supremacy reigns supreme, and the good-ol’-boys continue to conspire to keep the Negro down.

Of course, the opposite is true – as has already been documented numerous times on this blog. The only “institutional racism” in America is against whites, in the form of Affirmative Action, “goals” and threats of lawsuits for failure to comply.

So what’s an angry mob to do? It seems that the answer is to indiscriminately destroy whatever happens to be at hand. This makes sense, if we bear in mind that angry BLMers truly believe that practically all American institutions are white-supremacist in nature – at least if they are run by white people.

Museums (presumably including “historical societies”) are run by white people, and patronized by white people, so why not vandalize them?

From KATU2:

PORTLAND, ORE. — Leaders and members of the Indigenous community spoke out Monday against the violence and destruction that occurred in downtown Portland on the eve of Indigenous Peoples Day.

Online, the planned event was promoted as “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage.” Portland is one of several US cities that recognizes Indigenous Peoples Day, however, the day is recognized federally as Columbus Day.

“The fact that someone would hijack Indigenous People’s Day and cause more violence is not appropriate. It’s not appropriate for any of these situations,” said Rep. Tawna Sanchez, of Shoshone-Bannock, Ute, and Carrizo descent, who represents North and Northeast Portland…

Rep. Sanchez said the Oregon Historical Society has been working with Oregon tribes to ensure their history is told through their own perspective.

“The destruction of the Oregon Historical Society in any way shape or form is unconscionable because that place, amazingly, is part of the actual truth,” Sanchez said.

The article goes on to say that the Indigenous community also denounced the violence downtown in general terms, stating that “this is not how we do things.”

Good for the Indigenous people for speaking up about this… but I’d like to know if they’d taken a stand against the mayhem from the beginning, or if it only matters to them when it affects an institution that’s friendly to their interests. Native Americans who participated in the protests were shocked that these “protests” included breaking windows, burning things and otherwise destroying businesses and property.

I find it hard to believe that they didn’t know this was going on before. As they say, “Silence is Violence.”

The rioters attacked the Historical Society (presumably) because they simply assumed that it was just another white-supremacist institution. Had they done their research beforehand, they would have realized that there are no brick-and-morter white-supremacists institutions in America. The Elk wasn’t racist, the street signs aren’t racist, the police aren’t racist, the statues aren’t racist – and the Historical Society isn’t racist. But they feel the urge to vent their anger on something.

In another KATU2 article, we read about an “African-American commemorative quilt” that was damaged in the riots:

PORTLAND, Ore. — Along with multiple downtown businesses, the Oregon Historical Society was damaged during an overnight riot.

The society said Monday a commemorative quilt was taken from the building.

“There was one item that was on display in the pavilion. It was a beautiful African American heritage bicentennial quilt that was made by 15 African American women in this community,” said OHS Executive Director Kerry Tymchuk…

Tymchuk said the quilt has traveled around the country and each of its squares represents a Black individual or moment in history. He said the quilt was found by police a few blocks away soaking wet.

“It’s a priceless piece of history here,” Tymchuk said.

The article doesn’t mention any outrage from Portland’s black community, nor am I aware of any black leaders proclaiming that “this is not how we do things.”

If I were to ask random black people, on the streets of Portland, I’m sure most would be unaware of the above incidents. Most would agree that such actions are not productive – but where is the outcry?

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  1. AsheDina says:

    ‘The only “institutional racism” in America is against whites’

    YEP. Its an everyday ‘dump on whitey fest’

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