Be Proud of the Snow, but not of Being White

According to the New York Daily News, a group of white-supremacists was arrested for distributing an assortment of drugs in Utah:

Federal authorities in Utah have charged 21 white supremacist gang members and associates with distributing drugs and firearms around the state, according to a series of indictments unsealed Friday.

The charges follow a 16-month investigation into three “home-grown” hate groups — Soldiers of Aryan Culture, Silent Aryan Warriors and Noble Elect Thugs — which officials described as increasingly organized criminal enterprises.

“Unfortunately, this is a Utah product,” U.S. Attorney John Huber said at a news conference. “There are many things to be proud of in Utah, from our snow, beautiful mountains, national parks. White supremacist gangs, it’s one of ours. We own it and we’re not proud of it.”

The suspects are accused of selling methamphetamine, heroin, painkillers, marijuana and other drugs in the Salt Lake City and Ogden areas…

Officials said many of the defendants have been involved in criminal conduct in Utah communities for many years. One of the gangs, Soldiers of Aryan Culture, was born in a Utah state prison in the 1990s and has been expanding ever since, Huber told reporters.

The FBI recently warned lawmakers that white supremacist groups are among the top threats to U.S. national security.

The word “pride” has been the source of much confusion, because it means more than one thing. It can describe the good feeling we have after we’ve personally accomplished something. It can also refer to the good feeling we have for things associated with us, even though we were not responsible for them.

It doesn’t help matters that lists the following definition:

celebration of a specific minority group and affirmation of equal rights for members of that community: Black pride;Puerto Rican pride.

Yes, built anti-white bias into its very definition of “pride,” at least until whites are a “minority.” This is assuming an American context, as opposed to an international context; whites are a small minority world-wide. Also, apparently, South African whites are allowed to have white pride.

Oh, and according to U.S. Attorney John Huber, it’s okay to take pride in the snow, the mountains and the national parks – but not in being white. Perhaps somebody could explain this to me, because it doesn’t seem to make much sense.

One statement that caught my interest is that “Soldiers of Aryan Culture, was born in a Utah state prison in the 1990s.” I suspected that the gang was founded in order to protect white inmates from abuse by non-white inmates.

The Gorilla Convict website goes into more detail as to the origins of the Soldiers of Aryan Culture:

Court record and media reports confirm that Tracy Swena a.k.a “Tin Man” founded the gang inside the Utah prison system in 1997. Using a Para-military structure, Swena oversaw the gangs operations by acting as top general, ordering assaults on prison guards and running a methamphetamine ring.  To rise through the ranks, Swena admitted, members would commit violent acts against black and Hispanic inmates chosen at Random…

A career criminal from Utah named Victor Buchi has first-hand knowledge about the founders of the Soldiers of Aryan Culture. In October of 2007, at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina, Bucho told Gorilla Convict that Tracy Swena and his younger brother Steve Swena a.k.a “Tazz” grew up in the suburbs of Ogden, Utah.

“They were like a lot of kids in the area. The got high, listen to a lot of rap, and committed petty crimes.” They were also in a multi-racial street gang, said Buchi. “They weren’t racists at all.”

Tracy Swena’s “racial awakening” occurred inside the Utah state prison system. According to Buchi, Tracy hooked up with an older white guy from California who had ties to the Aryan Brotherhood.

Somehow, I doubt that the gang Swena was involved with in his childhood was founded by whites. We can’t know for sure, but it’s a safe bet that it was a black/Hispanic gang that also accepted white members. I say this because gang culture in the United States is almost exclusively a black/Hispanic phenomenon – with the exception of exclusively white gangs, and obviously this gang was not of the latter type. Hence, it was likely non-whites who provided the bad influence in Swena’s early life. But this is all conjecture.

Of greater interest to me are the comments, most of which seem to be from fellow Soldiers of Aryan Culture members. Here are a couple:

WTF? “What was once the dream of one white kid with a too much time on his hands” That is the dumbest quote i have read all year and trust me i have read some really stupid liberal shit here lately. What i can not figure out is how or why idiots like you down play White Pride.The same retards that hate white people who are proud to be white and are trying to preserve their race are the same idiots who protect endangered species and cry when an eagle gets killed. Why protect an animal to keep them here and do everything you can to choke out the white people? What is sad if we were animals we would be on a endangered list with only 9% of the world population being white. SMH just another idiot who has fell for government lies and now produces their propaganda.

Decent article (maybe halfway accurate) btw im from SAW but i give credit where its due. Tin man is highly intelligent and calculated.. This article makes him out to be who started a gang for fame and power.. It was truly started due to the way the white race (minority at the time) was treated by the gangs and other races.. It was started cuz he didnt want to see white ppl being beat, stabbed and taken advantage of due to being the only race (at the time) without a group or gang to stand behind.. It wasnt started with the intention to commit baseless violence. It was about protecting OUR PPL.. They/ we are not psychos that attack ppl for no reason. Respect is earned not given. Im sick of the negative publicity geared towards making anyone thats proud to be white a racist. Its bullshit especially since WE should be proud. We have ZERO reason to feel bad or sorry for being the best country in the world.. WHITE LIVES MATTER MORE!! If all are created equal then Africa should have no problem providing food and water & electricity for theirselves.. Oh fyi the person that allegedly wrpte the death threat was not and never has been sac.. Tin man is a legend that paved the way and made our prisons safer for our race…

So we see that, as usual, valid concerns can lead to ugly reactions. From the first, above, comment, we see concern over the ongoing slow genocide against white people, and the propaganda against white people – both topics that I’ve documented on this blog.

The second comment verifies what I suspected all along – that the gang was founded in order to protect white inmates from abuse by non-white inmates. Naturally, if black and Hispanic inmates had their own gangs, and were preying upon white inmates, the only recourse open to the victims was to create their own gangs.

By forcing white prisoners into predominantly non-white prisons, and subjecting them to mortal danger, the government was essentially creating “white-supremacist” gangs.

It was the government that created this phenomenon, and now it’s the government that proclaims:

white supremacist groups are among the top threats to U.S. national security.

Let us assume that the charges are valid, and that these groups were selling hard drugs. The odds are that many, if not most, of their clients are white. If so, then the government has attacked its white citizens on three fronts:

  1. By forcing whites and NAMs together, it created a situation where some whites would be directly victimized by NAM gang culture. Meanwhile, other whites would be assimilated into this NAM gang culture; they would become gang members themselves.
  2. Once these white criminals were incarcerated, the government created a situation where they were vulnerable to NAM violence – thus forcing them to create their own gangs.
  3. Once these white criminals created their own gangs in prison, they would distribute dangerous drugs to whites outside of prison upon their release.

All of this started with forced integration, and the mass importation of third-worlders into the United States.

If Biden becomes president, as seems likely, then the government will accelerate its importation of third-worlders, and it will accelerate its forced integration policies. The result will be many more “white-supremacist” gangs, and much more “white-supremacist” crime.

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3 Responses to Be Proud of the Snow, but not of Being White

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    I am so sick of the rhetoric that white supremacists are the greatest terrorist threat to the security of the US. No. Just no. They are the groups that are, generally, trying to preserve the core values and culture on which this country was founded. The fact that they are poisoning their own people to fund their activities is absolutely reprehensible however.

    I know people who would be considered white supremacists. I know people who have been called white supremacists. I myself have been called that which is laughable because I fail to meet the most basic description of this term, as do most of the people I know who are called this. They merely want to be left alone. White separatist would be a much better term for most of them. If they think they are better, well that’s an opinion and they’re welcome to have it.

  2. 370H55V says:

    If only John Huber were as diligent in pursuing the case of the FBI’s inquisition into the Trump campaign as he is in investigating evidence of “white supremacy”. In fact, why does he still have his job?

    Same question for John Durham, who presumably has been doing the same for the last 18 months and can’t produce any findings to inform the electorate.

    Both these guys are Deep State scum just trying to run out the clock until the Harris Administration takes office.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s so frustrating to see how the tech giants, along with the Deep State and corporate media, are ensuring a Biden/Harris win. This is not the sort of republic the founding fathers had in mind. Definitely not.

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