French Teacher Beheaded by Muslim Refugee

From Euronews:

Demonstrations were held across France on Sunday in tribute to a teacher who was beheaded by an attacker after showing his students caricatures of Mohammad.

Samuel Paty was murdered near the school where he worked, in the commune of Conflans Saint-Honorine, northwest of Paris, on Friday…

Paty, a 47-year-old history and geography teacher, was decapitated near the school at around 5 pm local time.

Police told the AFP news agency that he had hosted a class discussion with secondary school students about cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Some Muslim parents said they had complained to the school and French media reported Paty had received a number of threats in the wake of the class.

Of course, this is not the first time Native Europeans have been murdered for showing cartoons of Mohammad. As Europe’s Muslim population continues to grow, such incidents will become ever more common – probably to the point where they’re not even considered newsworthy anymore.

We’ve been told that so-called “hate-crimes” are among the worse kinds of crime possible, that it’s worse to murder somebody for what he is than for what he does.

Which murder is more heinous, that of a person who upset others by saying something offensive, or that of a person who was targeted only due to his ethnicity or religion?

“Conventional wisdom” (IE. The Narrative of the elite) would have us believe that the latter is more serious. The US Department of Justice explains this:

Why have hate crime laws?

Hate crimes have a broader effect than most other kinds of crime. Hate crime victims include not only the crime’s immediate target but also others like them. Hate crimes affect families, communities, and at times, the entire nation.

Notably, the accompanying graphic excludes able-bodied white people from being victims of hate-crimes:

Having been a victim of this kind of “hate-crime” myself, I can attest to its psychological impact, and the trauma it can cause to the associated community. I’m not arguing that these extra layers of suffering don’t exist.

I will argue, however, that attacks such as the Islamic one in question cause even more damage.

For all the pain that ethnic/racial attacks cause, the surviving victims remain the same ethnicity/race that they were before. If Samuel Paty had been murdered for being Native French, the remaining French people would have been shaken and angry – but they would continue eating croissants, drinking wine and speaking French. They would remain just as French as they were before. Their skin color wouldn’t change, and their DNA would remain intact. If anything, their group identity might even be strengthened, perhaps even to the point of having more French babies.

But Mr. Paty was murdered for showing caricatures of Mohammad. Each time such an attack occurs, Native Europeans will be increasingly fearful of practicing whatever freedom of speech they have left. Eventually, certain types of speech will become illegal in every practical sense. Drawing caricatures of Mohammad will be similar to a white man yelling “nigger” in a crowded subway station – legal, but ill-advised and dangerous.

Hence, terrorist attacks against freedom of speech (or other freedoms) whittle away at the values that make modern Western Civilization special. They rob us of our liberty, and turn us into slaves.

Ethnic/racial murders rob some of us of our lives. Islamic attacks rob all of us of some of our liberty. It seems to me that the Islamic attacks are worse.

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