Boer Lives Matter

It costs only a few dollars and a little time to become an activist. My local Ace Hardware store sells spray-on adhesive for a little less than $5. I used my laser printer to print out the following page:

I cut out the labels and put them in my pocket. Then, as I walked toward my Back the Blue rally, I pulled them out, one at a time, and pasted them to utility poles and other suitable surfaces using the spray. Here’s a “suitable surface:”

I think the rain will eventually wash it off; it’s not permanent. Here are some tips that y’all can learn from my experience:

Keep the labels in a plastic bag, not directly in your pocket.

Wear latex/nitrile gloves.

Use tweezers to pull the labels from the bag, and a toothbrush, or something similar, to spread the glue around.

I didn’t do any of those things – and I got glue on my clothes and all over my hands; it was difficult to get off. Some of the labels became unusable because they folded over and got glued together. It’s a learning experience, but I was able to plaster a few of them in downtown Portland.

Next time, I’ll make the labels a little bigger.

Please join me in this effort, and let’s stand with our beleaguered brothers and sisters in South Africa.

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8 Responses to Boer Lives Matter

  1. oogenhand says:

    Study Arabic Afrikaans. Arabic Afrikaans is a variety of Netherlandic spoken by Muslim Malays written in the Arabic “alphabet”.

  2. Trovovo says:

    Why not just print using peel-off sticky labels that already have the adhesive built in? Adding glue yourself sounds a bit crazy.

  3. Lizzie says:

    Here comes the FBI

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