Philip Anderson visits Vancouver

Today, I attended a small Trump rally in Vancouver, Washington. Vancouver is just across the Columbia River from Portland.

It was chilly but well worth it. I got to hear Joey Gibson (founder of Patriot Prayer) speak, along with a few locals who spoke about Vancouver politics.

To my pleasant surprise, Philip Anderson was also there. He’s the young man who had his teeth knocked out by Antifa in San Francisco recently; I reblogged Mad Jewess’ post about this incident here.

I was able to record his entire speech, which is well worth watching. The tactics used against him are very familiar to those of us in the white-advocacy movement:

Edit: Those who are able to donate to the fund to fix Mr. Anderson’s teeth, click here:

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4 Responses to Philip Anderson visits Vancouver

  1. 370H55V says:

    I read that his gofundme account was suspended at the behest of Berkeley Antifa. Another reason I said what I did last month.

    Don’t use gofundme.

  2. V. Anderson says:

    Thanks for supporting Free Speech. For those interested in following Philip Anderson’s story, please see…
    You may also find news at

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