A Textbook Example of Islamic Terrorism

A few days ago, a Muslim terrorist entered a church in Nice, France and murdered three worshipers. Shortly thereafter, we learned that the assailant had just arrived from Tunisia illegally through the island of Lampedusa.

Some journalists visited the terrorist’s family in Tunisia and interviewed his family. From Arab News:

The family of a man detained for killing three churchgoers in France weeks after leaving his home in Tunisia has told AFP they are struggling to believe he carried out the attack.

“It’s not normal,” said Brahim Issaoui’s brother Yassine, incredulous that his sibling was responsible for the attack, which came amid widespread anger among Muslims over comments by French President Emmanuel Macron…

Born to a family of modest means in the central Tunisian city of Sfax, Issaoui had turned to religion and isolated himself in the past two years, his relatives told AFP.

“He prayed … (and) went from home to work and back, not mixing with others or leaving the house,” said his mother, crying as she clutched a passport photo of the young man in a white hoodie.

But before that “he drank alcohol and used drugs. I used to tell him, ‘we are poor and you’re wasting money?’ He would reply if God wills it, he will guide me to the right path, it’s my business’,” she added.

This is a familiar pattern. Young men, living sinful lives, turn to their native religion, Islam, to find redemption. The 911 terrorists visited strip clubs and drank alcohol shortly before their fateful flights.

David Wood explains this phenomenon well. If you haven’t watched this video before, it’s well worth the 12 minutes:

Did Issaoui travel to France specifically to murder Christians at church? Perhaps, but it’s just as likely that he was an economic refugee. At an average IQ of 83, and no oil wealth, Tunisia is not exactly affluent – at least compared to European countries. The Arab News article does state that…

“He said he went to France because it was better for work and there were too many people in Italy,” Yassine said.

The article also informs us that Issaoui is one of 11 siblings. With these kinds of birthrates, there’s an inexhaustible supply of future Issaouis who will find their way to Europe for a better life, only to become enraged over the exercise of free speech, and then perform a few tête-ectomies.

This most recent attack is typical in that

  1. The family of the perpetrator insists he “dindu nuffin”
  2. The perpetrator was a young male Muslim – who had…
  3. Lived a sinful life before re-discovering his Islamic faith
  4. The perpetrator came from a low-IQ, high-fertility, demographic
  5. And the perpetrator took advantage of Establishment Left lenient migration policies to gain access to his victims

Does the fact that this attack was so typical provide us with clues to prevent them from happening again? Absolutely. Will anything of substance actually be done? Of course not.

Some are arguing that France should compromise on freedom of speech. There’s already precedent: France’s prohibition against Holocaust Denial. As long as France imprisons people for denying the Holocaust, it’s dishonest to claim that freedom of speech is a sacred French tradition. Here’s a quote from a Muslim on Quora:

What do you think about Muslims protesting in France?

They have a valid argument. A country that punishes Holocaust denial should not be preaching freedom of expression to others.

Indeed – but the solution is not to curtail free expression further, but rather to get rid of Holocaust Denial prohibitions.

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  1. countenance says:

    I’m so old that I remember when we were told that Tunisia was a rare long lasting success story of the Arab Spring.

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