Philadelphia BLM Targets White People for Beatings

From The Gateway Pundit:

According to Blaze reporter Elijah Schaffer, Philadelphia Police have lost control of the riot and white people are now being “specifically targeted and attacked.”

The mob is so anti-white, that Antifa was not welcome with them and had to hold a separate demonstration in another location.

Schaffer, who was violently attacked earlier in the evening while reporting live from a shop that was being looted, tweeted that the rioters are also “shooting each other.”

“Philadelphia police have completely lost control of the affected rioting region which stretches multiple city blocks,” Schaffer tweeted. “Looters have broken into over 30+ stores and are attacking white people. They are also shooting each other. I’ve only witnessed one arrest.”

I think Antifa is racist for separating themselves from black BLMers. This is segregation, and it should NOT be tolerated. Shame on Antifa!

If “Silence is Violence” then the BLM movement, its corporate sponsors and the Democratic Party are all guilty of violent racism – and not the “microagression” kind of racism we so often read about, but the kind of racism that involves pogroms.

Through its silence, the Establishment Left (corporate America, the Media and government) is encouraging pogroms against white people. It does so through its silence – which is actually negligence.

Tomorrow we might find out if violence against whites will be federal policy for the next four years. The stress of waiting is almost too much…

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2 Responses to Philadelphia BLM Targets White People for Beatings

  1. 370H55V says:

    So if you live in PA, keep this in mind when you vote.

  2. AsheDina says:

    Seriously, whites need to become more tribal.

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