BLM Crashes Back the Blue Rally in Portland

It was rainy today, so I didn’t bring my (famous) signs. Instead, I came to stand with my friends one last time before my upcoming vacation.

But soon after our arrival, trouble came our way:

My bodycam wasn’t on the correct setting, but what happened after this is I tried to make my way to the lone woman flag-holder to see that she was alright. But they blocked my way, getting in my face and threatening me. After a few a few minutes of scuffling, I told them I simply wanted to escort her out of there and to safety. After that, they let me pass.

As soon as I got to her, one of the commies grabbed her flag. I was only able to save the staff. At that point, an older black woman with a bullhorn came up and told the mob to refrain from assaulting the lady, and that we have the right to rally just as they do. While I appreciated this gesture, I don’t think it was sincere, and it was definitely too little and too late. After all, the entire purpose of their being there was to drive us away – and to DEPRIVE us of our First Amendment rights. Another BLMer, a younger black man, helped escort us to her truck, which was parked right there. He asked the mob to refrain from damaging the truck, and had the vehicles, which were blocking the street, allow us to pass unmolested.

As stated, I’m leaving on vacation soon, so there might not be any new posts for a while.

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6 Responses to BLM Crashes Back the Blue Rally in Portland

  1. I says:

    What’s the significance of ‘Ten toes to the pavement’ in the sign referencing Patrick Kimmons?

  2. The most hilarious thing about these BLM rallies is whites trying to act black with hand gestures etc.

  3. Max says:

    Why was no one arrested for assault?

    I know that they don’t get charged / get released without bail, but why no arrest? Are police not arresting for assault crime in Portland anymore? That seems like an extremely dangerous line to leave un-policed.

    Even getting in your face and making threats is unquestionably illegal assault.

    What other people are not being arrested for assault? Is this newfound freedom to assault selective or does it apply to everyone?

    Next up: getting in the face of little old ladies and threatening them until they comply with ? is an unpoliced act.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Portland is essentially ruled by Antifa/BLM and it’s been this way for a while. In other words, it’s mob rule. The police know that if they get involved, it’s a losing proposition for them. In fact, yesterday was the first time I’m aware of that they even made an effort to keep us safe from the BLM mob; in the past, they simply kept away. This time, they came to us and warned us, and then escorted most of us away for our own safely. But they won’t take a stand against BLM criminals unless shots are fired or somebody gets seriously hurt. Even then, it’s iffy and after the fact.

  4. Max says:

    Here’s a good question that every antifa member should ask themselves as a visible political minority in a vast nation:

    At what point in an environment of decreasing law enforcement, which you demand that that allows you remain either unarrested or unprosecuted for crimes against people and in general, does the Police stop arresting people for crimes against you?

    Antifa is clearly protected solely by the system that they are seeking to dismantle. Their “protests”, and even their existence is protected by the Police. In a law enforcement free United States, these people do not exist in any visible form.

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