BLM Supports Slavery

On several occasions during my Back the Blue adventures, I’ve heard BLMers shriek “Buildings are not people!” in reference to accusations of property destruction by BLM rioters. Their general sentiment seems to be that it’s okay to destroy property for the sake of “social justice” and “racial equity.” At any opportunity, they’ll steal our flags – undoubtedly in order to burn later.

This sentiment is confirmed by the following tweets, which are by Antifa supporters, and regarding BLM:

Yes, they believe it’s perfectly acceptable to destroy a man’s property because of his political beliefs. Antifa and BLM clearly consider such destruction to be “hilarious.”

It’s true that the destruction of property is not the same as assault, but it’s still a serious offense. A person’s property is the fruit of his labor. The case in question, where BLMers popped all four (or five?) of an innocent man’s tires, it means that the victim will probably have to have his truck towed, and then have his tires repaired or replaced. This is likely to cost him several hundred dollars – even if he has comprehensive insurance, as he’ll still have to pay the deductible.

For most Americans, these several hundred dollars are the equivalent of several days’ work. In other words, by damaging his property, they’re actually robbing him of his labor.

There’s a word for this: Slavery.

I’m not saying that every time one person damages the property of another, it’s slavery. I think there’s a difference between incidental destruction and systemic destruction.

BLM destruction of property is systemic, because it’s ongoing, part of a larger strategy and tolerated, or even ENCOURAGED, by the power structure. The victim in this case has no recourse. Wisely, he didn’t shoot anybody – but what could he have done?

I don’t think it was smart for the man to expose his truck to BLM savages; he should have parked far away and walked to the protest. But he was certainly within his rights. Now that his labor has been stolen from him, what recourse does he have? The best he can hope for is a police report for his insurance company; nobody will be held accountable for this crime.

So, the next time you see somebody promoting BLM, ask him why he supports slavery.

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2 Responses to BLM Supports Slavery

  1. Justine says:

    The Tree of Life is illegal to access in civilization, per law and God.

    Satan is currently offering this sin (ie: popping of this man’s tires) as bait and by withholding immediate judgement. These individuals took the bait and harvested some of this man’s life.

    This will continue on a growing scale. It will not be punished. This is a coiling effect, similar to a mother storing up energy to push during birth.

    The more law that they break, the less that Law will exist to guard against Tree of Life access. When the Tree is no longer enslaved under law, it will be restored.

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