Why We Need Well-Armed Citizen Militias

Thanks to Andy Ngo, whose tweet led me to this story from The Willamette Weekly:

Between 7 and 9 am on Dec. 8, a large crowd of individuals started to build after they got the news about the eviction. And it grew and it grew. The police were slowly drawing down. That crowd came through the backyard of an adjacent house, and they were throwing bottles and rocks and bricks and paint balloons at the police and screaming at them and threatening them about the eviction.

Police backed down the hill because they were outnumbered by the number of protesters. They pushed the police down into the street, down by the Mississippi Triangle, and they surrounded them.

I thought they were going to beat the cops in the street, and it was one of the scariest things I’ve seen in real life. I had never seen anything like that in America. At that moment, I was like: This is completely spun out of control, and this is really dangerous.

Then the large group went back to the Red House, and more people came in and they began to rip down the fence on the property. They went inside the house themselves and started pulling stuff out to build the barricades. They started carrying out refrigerators and washers and dryers.

They blocked the alleys and they blocked the side street of my house. They wouldn’t allow us to move our cars because they had fully barricaded us in. They said they had basically claimed the area and we weren’t able to leave.

On Saturday last week, an individual went around and broke the Ring cameras off of people’s front doors, on their doorbells, with a crowbar.

It was just a huge, huge, raging party occupation: giant bonfires on the hill, bonfires everywhere in the street. They built the barricades. They had weapons behind it. They had bottles and rocks and Molotov cocktails and all that stuff.

They had sentries, essentially, that are posted up there. They had an individual with an assault rifle positioned right next to our driveway. They have people regularly back at their station, but they also patrol around the block with weapons and tactical gear and bulletproof vests. They watch us, you know, and they’re regularly standing around as we move in and out of our backyard.

I could go out front on foot, but there were several people outside, and they were armed and they would watch us. They’d follow us around the block. And they were very suspicious that we were coordinating with the police. Like I said, they had guns up front, too, in addition to everyone inside of the zone.

They had bonfires on and adjacent to our property next to the gasoline-soaked tires. We were asking them to put it out—and they refused to do so and would yell at us.

They got really hostile and told me to fuck off and that we were part of the problem, or that we were just another gentrifier. We were scared they were going to attack us in our house.

If you had a problem, or you were scared for your safety or that you were going to be attacked, you had to negotiate with the individuals or the leaders themselves, because the police would not come out proactively because of concerns about security and the situation escalating. If you wanted them to stop, you had to go down and negotiate with them yourselves.

There’s this notion that the neighbors generally were happy about this, or thought it was cool or were OK with it. Everyone who was directly surrounded by this was really, really scared and nervous. And people kept their mouths shut because they were worried about their safety and protecting their homes.

Each time something like this happens, it becomes ever more clear that Antifa (or whatever you want to call them) can get away with this sort of conduct. It also becomes abundantly clear that citizens are expected to allow the insurrectionists to destroy their property, trespass, threaten them, restrict their movement, and prevent emergency services from accessing their homes.

What would happen if, as the Antifa agent was in the process of breaking a homeowner’s ring camera, the homeowner confronted him with a gun, and demanded that he leave his property? Antifa would react with force. Sooner or later, somebody is going to get killed as a result of these actions.

People have a right to protect their property, and to avail themselves of public emergency services, which they’ve paid for through their taxes. They have a right to use public roads, and to travel freely to and from their homes. If government refuses to protect these rights, then citizens must take matters into their own hands.

The only way to do this is to create well-organized militias, which will be ready and able to respond in force to such threats. It’s not enough for individual homeowners to have high-capacity weapons.

The Willamette Weekly is a left-leaning news source, but they still have a comment section. I encourage y’all to visit the site and read the comments; they contain more information.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all you celebrators of Christmas!

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    The Cockamanny States Of America.

  2. mobiuswolf says:

    They’ll try that in the wrong place, eventually.

  3. 370H55V says:

    Remember what I said a couple of months ago?

  4. AsheDina says:

    Insane country now

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