Thoughts on the Unrest in Washington

For the better part of a year, American cities have been subject to violent riots by BLM supporters. By cover of darkness, they shattered the windows of small businesses, spray painted graffiti on public property, started fires on streets and threatened the lives of police officers. People were killed, fragile, and already weakened businesses suffered greatly, and taxpayers were forced to repair damaged infrastructure.

These BLM rioters had little to fear. Their numbers, the darkness and their masks gave them anonymity. Prosecutors, at least here in Oregon, refused to press charges. Police forces were required to respond with kids’ gloves. It didn’t take any courage to participate in the BLM riots – but the victims were especially vulnerable.

Contrast this with the recent unrest in Washington. In the full light of day, angry Trump supporters charged the Capitol Building. They knew that their efforts could be met with lethal force, they knew that many of them would be prosecuted, and they knew that they had neither anonymity nor immunity. As for the target of their rage, no Congressmen would lose their jobs because of it, nobody would go out of business, and nobody would struggle to repair the damage.

We may, or may not, agree with the actions of these Trump supporters, but it’s hard to deny that what they did took courage.

Of the two scenarios above, which one is the target of Democratic outrage? The latter, of course. They’re outraged that some patriots would act with courage and attack a foe that has unlimited resources. We can only shake our heads at their outrage, and compare it to their lack of outrage over BLM violence. This illustrates the morally bankruptcy of the Left.

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