I Just Joined iPatriot

At the suggestion of The Oregon Firearms Federation, which I’m a member of, I’ve signed up for the social media site iPatriot. It looks like it’s up and coming, but there’s already an encouraging amount of activity there. It’s compatible with Android phones, and is available on the Google App store – for now. It’s not yet compatible with iPhone. None of us should be using iPhones anyway.

It’s free and easy to sign up, so try it out and let us know what you think in comments.My username there is rhayat1.

For the sake of completeness, I’ll include the full text of the message from The Oregon Firearm Federation email:

If you are reading this you have access to email or websites. So we don’t need to tell you that there is a fast moving and very dangerous effort to silence anyone who does not bow down to Marxist dogma.

Far more quickly than most of us ever imagined, voices of patriots are being silenced as big tech colludes with the state to destroy any platforms of free speech.

Twitter and Facebook are basically done as vehicles for communication for our side. Google and Apple have moved to silence Parler. Amazon has or, soon will, actually shut Parler down. 

Firefox Browser has called to go further than simply shutting people down, they want their political opponents tracked down and punished.

From politicians to academia to mainstream media to Hollywood, left wing radicals are demanding retribution against anyone they can identify as having supported the current administration.

If you know anything about the history of Marxist revolutions you know their threats need to be taken very seriously.

Not satisfied to have seized control of the government, the left is now demanding revenge.

Given the left’s stranglehold on the legacy news media and the internet you may soon have virtually no access to accurate news. The dominos are falling very quickly.

As a result we are suggesting you take some steps.

First, if you have any important or sensitive documents, photos, or info on “the cloud” immediately make copies that you can keep locally.

If you are still using controlled social media like Facebook or Twitter, stop posting anything that reveals personal information or non Marxist ideology. It may be too late to remove previous posts that can be used against you.

We believe that for now, our website is not in any way threatened. But of course that could change. We cannot guarantee that our mass email system will not be attacked. If it is, we suggest you continue to check our webpage for news and updates.

If you have a “Gmail” email address we strongly recommend you consider at very least getting a second email address that is NOT Gmail and adding it to our alert list.

One you might consider is “Proton mail.” 
Even if you only use this address for our alerts, it removes Google’s ability to interfere with our communications.

As you know, Twitter blocked OFF’s account and we stopped posting on Facebook some time ago.

We have an active page on MEWE and while we do have a lightly used Parler page we can’t assume those will remain active.

If you use, or think you should be using social media, may we suggest you check out Ipatriots.io. It has an interface Facebook users will recognize, it is run by patriots, and its servers are offshore and not likely to be compromised. We have only used it on computers and not smart phones and it appears for now it only works on Android devices and not iPhones. So if you are planning on using it and you can, please check it out on a computer.

You may also want to consider the “Brave” browser which claims to be private and safe. We cannot prove whether those claims are true so feel free to check it out yourself.

“Legislative Days” start tomorrow in Salem. While this is not the beginning of the actual session (which starts on the 19th) legislators will be in the building for meetings and organization. The public is NOT permitted in the capitol anymore. Any legislative meetings that the public can see will only be remote. Your ability to have any input during hearings will be severely throttled and at the whim of whomever is running the Zoom connection.

House Speaker Tina Kotek, whose chief of staff was arrested for rioting in Portland, has declared her intention to do everything in her power to punish pro gun House Rep Mike Nearman for the “crime” of leaving the building during a protest of Oregon patriots who entered their building when he opened the door to leave. She is including criminal charges in her threats against him. Please consider any support you can offer for Mike’s legal defense. 

Keep in mind that the Oregon State Police were in full riot gear in large numbers in the building and had armored cars staged outside. So how Kotek can conclude that Oregonians entering their own building was the “fault” of Rep Nearman is just another testimony to how dangerous, vindictive, and unhinged Kotek and the left have become.

We know there will be a raft of anti-gun bills introduced this session just as there have been in the last few days in Washington. The left smells blood and has declared war on the Constitution. We are facing truly unprecedented challenges as we do our best to defend our rights while being banned from the process by a cabal of hateful leftists. While we cannot predict the details of what will happen next, we can absolutely promise you we are in for some difficult times.

Please take whatever steps you can right away to protect your ability to communicate and safeguard your personal data and info. This absolutely cannot wait.

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  1. 370H55V says:

    Look to eastern Europe (ironically) to be in the vanguard of the movement toward an open internet. I think investing in companies providing host services in such countries might be quite wise at this time.

    Here’s one in Hungary:


    I wish them much success, and hope they plan to offer an English language version soon.

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