Biden’s War on White-Supremacy

There’s nothing new in this post; I’m simply sharing an answer I wrote on Quora that I’m proud of. In fact, I’ll include the entire thread:

What is President Joe Biden’s war on white supremacy really all about?


There is no “war on white supremacy.” If you want to know what a war on extremism looks like, have a gander at how the US government relates to Islam. It will seek out, and try to destroy Islamic extremists – but, at the same time, it nurtures MODERATE Islam. This is what a war on extremism looks like.

In contrast, the US government views ANY type of white-identity/white-pride/white-advocacy as “extremism.” In the eyes of the government, there is no such thing as moderate white-advocacy.

The problem with this is that there absolutely IS a moderate white-advocacy movement, but by treating us as extremists, the government is actually creating extremists… and it’s not just the government, but also its Big Tech allies, the banks, and all of corporate America. In other words, the US government is part of a vast effort to CREATE white-supremacy. The inevitable result will be actual terrorist attacks by “white-extremists.” This is exactly what happened with Dylan Roof – and the elites want more of it. They create a situation where white-extremism is distilled and promoted – and then when the inevitable happens, they use it as an excuse to ramp up their anti-white rhetoric even more, and to seize even more power at our expense.

But you ask what it’s “really about.” The answer should be obvious. In 1964, the US was about 90% white. Now we’re looking at whites being a minority in a few years. This is not by accident, and it’s not something that “just happened.” As a matter of fact, talking heads have been rejoicing over this for a long time. Joe Biden himself said it:

So, if you’re silly enough to believe that powerful men will believe that whites becoming a minority is “something to be proud of” and yet they did NOT work to make it happen, then what kind of person would that make Joe Biden? He’s been in government for decades, so either he’s been negligent in working for “something to be proud of” or he’s been working toward The Great Replacement.” Which is it? The demographic results speak for themselves.

Let’s not sugarcoat it. When governments consider pride in one’s one heritage to be “extremism” and “dangerous” then it’s not a “war on extremism.” It’s a War on Whites.

If you doubt this, then consider how our government views black-pride, black identity and black advocacy. It’s encouraged everywhere – even to the point where if somebody objects to it, he himself is considered an “extremist.” Defacing BLM murals is now considered a “hate-crime,” but distributing “It’s Okay to be White” flyers is subject to police investigation. This is a war on white people, not on white-supremacy.”

Cherie Nixon

Subcommittee Chairman Raskin Releases FBI Document on White Supremacists in Law Enforcement


I read the linked article. It says nothing of white-nationalism or white-advocacy. But from other government sources that I’ve read and watched, no such distinction is made. That is to say, if a police officer is found to express any concern for white people as a group, he will be considered a “white-supremacist” and fired.

One of the secondary links has this tidbit:

“In 2017, a study of racial attitudes found that white police officers are nine times as likely as a white nonpolice citizen to think that Black people are more violent than white people.”

Question: Where is the study where they queried the attitudes of BLACK officers?

Question: Wouldn’t it be reasonable that long-term contact with the reality of black crime could bring about opinions that “black people are more violent than white people?” Even dogs have noticed this. Yes, there are “racist” dogs.

Question: Wouldn’t the fact that the writer capitalizes “black” but does not capitalize “white” indicate that bias is involved here?

Cherie Nixon

Good question, they ought to ask Black officers. The reason Black is capitalized is because African Americans were kidnapped from Africa hundreds of years ago, so today they have no connection to Africa, and no idea what their exact heritage is. All they know is that they are treated differently here because of their skin color, so many of them like to just use the word “Black” to describe their heritage. As opposed to me, I know that my heritage is primarily from the UK with a bit of German mixed in, and that my ancestors came here of their own will. And since white is the default skin color here, being white isn’t a significant part of my identity. For general heritage, for some reason we call ourselves Caucasian. If we ever stop using that term, then I suppose we could call ourselves White instead.

Black people are over-policed. If you police one segment of the population more than all the others, you will probably find crime there more often, too. They are also more likely to live in poverty, another potent influence for crime. If we could stop being such a racist society, more of them would be able to escape poverty. They have succeeded in escaping from poverty in the past, even during segregation, until white supremacists came along and destroyed them through rioting and mass murder.


Yes, I’m aware of the ostensible reasons some people capitalize “black” but not “white.” I’ve even written about it:

Seattle Times: Whites are more diverse than blacks – Jewamongyou

In other words, I don’t buy the official explanation – especially since the vast majority of white Americans don’t identify as any of their particular European origins. Most American whites are mutts, and their only meaningful ethnicity is “white.” As a matter of fact, we see this in the census questions; they break down the Hispanic category to specific national origins. Not so for whites. Is Biden going to change this? I doubt it, and I’m unaware of any rumblings from the Left to change this.

Yes, black areas are probably over-policed. Not only that, but fake victims of crime describe (imaginary) black males more often. On top of that, men are far more likely to be falsely accused of rape than are women. Imagine that!

It all boils down to one fact: Demographics that are known for their propensity for certain activities will also be falsely accused, and suspected, of such activities. They’re also going to be over-policed. These go hand in hand. No contradiction here.

You remind me of my mother (who I love very much). When I was but a young whippersnapper, I had just endured four years of forced busing into 90% black schools. The experience was traumatic for me, as the rates of violent crime, bullying and open racial intimidation were off the charts. It was harrowing, and my experiences were not unique; over the years, I’ve met other non-blacks who had similar experiences – getting beaten, threatened, harassed etc. Later in life, I also experienced the contrast between black areas and white/Asian areas. There is no doubt that black people commit more crime, specifically violent crime. Obviously, there will be exceptions. I’m speaking of wider tendencies. Also, I would never judge an individual solely on his race; I’m speaking of wider demographics.

Edit: My mother suggested that the black crime rate is no higher than the white one, and my jaw dropped. I was speechless – after those four years of hell.

There’s more to go on than personal experience, FBI crime stats and police reports. Examination of victims’ statements also confirm this fact. Even left-leaning news sources confirm this, if you know how to read between the lines. In New York City, the vast majority of violent crime is done by blacks or Hispanics. If you read of somebody getting beaten, murdered, raped or robbed, nine times out of ten, the perpetrator will not be white or Asian. However, these news sites go to great lengths to make this less obvious.

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