KATU Portland/ABC Tortures English to Promote its Narrative

Harris/Biden is in the White House, and the Left controls both houses of Congress. Things are looking up for tyranny these days… and yet the Far Left is still not happy. Antifa continues to riot in Portland.

Here’s how KATU reported recent events here:

PORTLAND, Ore. (KATU) — Earlier this month, Mayor Ted Wheeler announced that he was conferring with law enforcement and other local leaders on new ways to confront groups of people like what the city witnessed Wednesday night. Last week, Wheeler said that getting the pieces in place was going to take some time. The question that many residents and business owners have is: how long?

“Groups of people like what the city witnessed?” Most educated native English speakers would be appalled at such a sentence. It’s awkward at best. From the accompanying photo, and the fact that those “groups of people” attacked the I.C.E. building, it’s obvious that they represent the Far Left, which most of us refer to as “Antifa.” Here’s one of the photos from the article:

I don’t recognize that symbol from the Alt-Right. It doesn’t look like Pepe the Frog. It is, of course, the Anarchy symbol. Though not synonymous with Antifa, it often goes hand in hand.

Why can’t KATU simply write “… on new ways to confront Far-Left mobs when they riot, as they did Wednesday night?”

Who do they think they’re fooling?

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2 Responses to KATU Portland/ABC Tortures English to Promote its Narrative

  1. Mike says:

    I don’t believe that they think they are fooling anyone, which I believe to be the point.

    Analyze the psychological, political and legal impacts of 2020.

    What happened? When one sketches it, one arrives at the point.
    Though, it also helps to start tracking from at least as far back as 2016.

    What happened is that they used every manner of undemocratic institutional power to invent narrative, harass, and use an investigation to hunt for evidence try to arrest and thwart a democratically elected President. They used open Deep State threats, open Soviet tier Media corruption, and open law enforcement corruption in the process. They used the same methods to protect the now sitting President from investigation.

    They then facilitated eight months of domestic terrorist rioting without enforcing the law, in the middle of psychologically devastating lock-downs.

    After which they held an obviously fraudulent election (aside from the demonstrated concept that the law is simply what they choose to enforce).

    Result: they announce the end of the World when a fed up populace largely walks into what amounts to historic office space.

    So, what’s the point?

    That the system is, in full, a bait trap. Meant to antagonize its targets into illegal behavior while not punishing the bait.

    This is how its always worked. Its just now coming as a surprise to the relatively new targets.

    The bait is Antifa and everyone else acting illegally without punishment. The target is the Right.

    The system will continue to operate like that for the rest of our lives. The only practical solution is not give up getting exasperated at the bait and retreat to forms of non-violent protest and living that deprives them of a target that they so desperately want.

    They’ll still seek and will occasionally achieve the target regardless, but luckily this is a large landmass.

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