A Most Morbid Poll

The Unholy Trinity of government, Corporate America and the education system continues to step up its War on Whites and free speech. The powers that be are doing everything they can to distill right-wing extremism, so that susceptible individuals will be pushed over the edge, and commit horrific crimes.

Every time an unhinged neo-Nazi, or disaffected Incel-Alt-Right wannabe, is overtaken by hopelessness and lashes out with violence, the hostile elites rub their hands together and rejoice. The higher the body-count the better.

It would be preferable if such unstable people could safely converse with moderates of similar politics. In fact, this seems to be the gist of the Defund the Police movement; replace government force with a sympathetic ear. That way, violence might be averted. In some cases, such an approach makes sense. The police do sometimes use unnecessary force, and they have been known to murder mentally ill people. Sometimes a sympathetic ear can be a suitable substitute for pepper spray or bullets.

But, according to the Unholy Trinity, this principle doesn’t apply to alienated white-advocates. Why should it? More political points can be harvested from a body-count than an averted catastrophe. Death is more politically expedient than therapy.

Free speech is a form of therapy, and denying this outlet to borderline extremists is a surefire way to push them over the edge.

If you’re reading this blog, please don’t use violence. Instead, submit a comment. We can talk.

Unfortunately, the efforts of the Unholy Trinity will bear fruit sooner or later – and it will take full advantage of the situation, calling for even more censorship, and even more persecution of “white-supremacists.” With over 70 million Americans now considered “white-supremacists” there will be violent blowback. When this happens, Harris/Biden/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Colleges and Universities will have yet more blood on their hands.

Nobody knows exactly how this will play out, but feel free to take a guess:

What Form Will the Next Right-Wing Attack Take?
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4 Responses to A Most Morbid Poll

  1. countenance says:

    Mass shooting, because:

    (1) The pattern of recent history

    (2) So many of our people, both sane and insane, are adept at firearms

    (3) Mass shootings get media attention, which is what those who are seriously considering doing something unhinged both realize and desire

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